Social Commitments


Carwow was born to revolutionise the automotive industry by making it fairer and easier for people to change cars, giving them all they need to have total confidence in their decision. That’s why our platform is free for all our customers. It’s also why we’re working hard to ensure we reduce the risk of hard sales and haggling.

We want this fairness and trust to be reflected in our ESG commitments. We know that much more individual and collective action is needed to increase the gender balance and inclusivity of our industry, while attracting the best talent.



We commit to improving the diversity and representation of our workforce in line with the communities in which we’re based

We commit to: 

  • Increase both the diversity and representation of our workforce to reflect the communities in which we operate, for example, by ensuring external talent pools are more diverse, mitigating bias in our recruitment processes, and ensuring all employees are able to make meaningful contributions throughout every level and in every department of our company
  • Build and maintain a safe, inclusive, fun, and spirited workplace and a culture of tolerance
  • Be an Equal Opportunities employer and offer competitive compensation and benefits
  • Ensure salary reviews and promotions are objective and fair, so that any biases we may have can be mitigated 
  • Support and encourage employee-led groups focused on diversity and inclusion  


We commit to making changing your car an equal experience, no matter who you are.

Changing cars is for everyone and Carwow is too. 

We commit to:

  • Leverage our platform and world-leading content to help educate customers about the impacts of buying and owning a car
  • Make the overall Carwow experience inclusive and representative, recognising that our audience interacts with us through various channels at different stages of their car-buying journey. While specific elements within each channel may not be identical, we strive to ensure that our language, imagery, and tools are as inclusive and supportive as possible for all customers, regardless of age, gender, social background, lifestyle, or prior car knowledge
  • Ensure ESG-related content on our platform is clear, accurate, and not-misleading.


We commit to increasing our positive social impact within our communities.

We commit to:

  • Promote greater diversity, representation, and anti-discrimination practices across the sector
  • Conduct an ESG survey at regular intervals across our partner and supplier communities to help inform future sustainability and policy development, and to assist in the identification of common ground on which we can engage and take action  
  • Enhance our onboarding due diligence by including questions and/or expectations about practices and policies related to, for example, workforce and supply chain diversity.   
  • Recognise, champion, and provide preferential packages to partners who are leading in the industry. For example, those who push for diversity in their workforces and ownership structures, those who publicly disclose the gender balance at the different levels of their organisations, and those who publish ethnicity and gender pay gap reports
  • Encourage the sharing of information and knowledge about the social impact of our industry 
  • Donate to and volunteer with causes committed to fostering diversity and the rights of women and other underrepresented groups