Mercedes A-Class dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes

Family cars such as the Mercedes A-Class have always been fairly practical, offering enough space for a couple of adults and children and some luggage without taking up too much space on the road.

For Mercedes though, style is equally important. Most people will agree that the shape of the new A-Class is light-years ahead of the original model, but that does make you wonder about its internal space and overall practicality.

It’s no good deciding you want one just because you love its rakish style and elegant lines, without knowing if it will fit everybody in with all their stuff. That’s why we have produced this guide, so you can decide if it has the practicality you need. Read this guide before you head to the dealership…

Exterior dimensions

The Mercedes A-Class is lower, leaner and wider than its predecessor, but the old car had its merits – that gawky stature was great for interior room while being compact on the outside. Here are the exterior numbers so you can work out if its fits in your garage or parking space.

Overall length – 4,292mm
Overall width (excluding wing mirrors) – 1,780mm
Overall width (including wing mirrors) – 2,022mm

Overall height – 1,433mm
Wheelbase – 2,699mm

Interior dimensions

It’s all well and good getting sucked-in by the little Merc’s fabulous new look, but does it sacrifice the old model’s outstanding interior room at the altar of style? Although it may lack some of the original A-Class’s clever design cues that gave acres of space inside, you’ll find that there is more space inside the current model than you may have imagined.

Notably, Mercedes-Benz doesn’t supply interior dimensions for the A-Class – perhaps conscious that it’s rather less airy inside than its predecessor. It is, however, comfortable and cossetting in the front, and decent, if a little cramped, in the back. Taller passengers may not be keen on the rear accommodation for longer trips, so take any lofty children with you to the dealership.

Loadspace capacity

This one is simple – how much can you cram in the boot? The answer is simple: more than you might in a Ford Focus, but less than you could in a VW Golf or, more pertinently, an Audi A3. For some, the style tradeoff may be worth it.

Luggage capacity (60/40 rear-seats up) – 341-litres
Luggage capacity (60/40 rear-seats down) – 1,157-litres

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

Will the A-Class swing around in a tight circle? Yes, albeit no better than most other cars in the class. And we’d advise a little caution too if you have a set of eye-catching alloys on your car, because they’re at real risk of kerb rash. You should get a decent distance from a tank of fuel though, even in the smaller-tanked A180 CDI Eco (a smaller tank means less weight, and therefore better economy, when full).

Turning circle – 11m
Fuel tank – 50 litres (40 litres on A180 CDI Eco)


Cars are getting lighter and lighter these days thanks to clever use of technology and lightweight materials in the design process. The A-Class’s payload (that’s the extra weight you can add to the car) varies from 465kg to 535kg, and the car’s kerb weight (that’s the empty car) ranges from 1,370kg for the lightest petrol version to 1,555kg for the A45 AMG. Diesels vary between 1,385kg and 1,485kg.

Find out more

If you want to read more about the A-Class and its options then check out our full Mercedes A-Class review section, which includes photos, videos, stats, and a full buying guide.

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