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Aston Martin DB11 vs DB9 GT comparison

March 03, 2016 by

Aston Martin has finally revealed its new DB11, the much anticipated successor to the stately DB9. The older car ushered in a new era of quality and performance for the brand, so the British manufacturer has some big boots to fill with its new model. We compare old with new to see what the major changes are.

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Aston Martin DB11 vs DB9 styling

Aston Martin’s styling hasn’t really changed much from the DB7 of the 1990s, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The DB9 was heralded as one of the most beautiful cars on sale at any price and, although various tweaks were made, it remains just as pretty as the day it was first revealed.

The DB11’s styling doesn’t deviate much from this successful formula but, unlike some recent Aston Martins, it is at least distinguishable from the rest – it draws inspiration from the limited edition One-77 and James Bond’s DB10. Up front, there’s a wider grille than the DB9 and the unusual floating roof rails finished in a contrasting colour, helping to break up the lines on what is still a very large car.

It’s unquestionably a successful modern take on the classic GT silhouette Aston Martin is known for. The new styling tweaks give the DB11 a sense of flair and individualism that has been somewhat lacking in most Aston Martins since the DB9.

Aston Martin DB11 vs DB9 interior

Inside, the DB11 is probably where most former DB9 owners will notice the biggest developments. It has a typically dramatic design, with lots of expensive looking materials and two new digital displays. The first is a 12-inch one that replaces the traditional dials, and there’s an eight inch infotainment screen in the centre console. This system is essentially a version of MercedesCOMAND infotainment system, and it comes with a similar controller to that in the S-Class.

In comparison, the DB9’s cabin seems very last decade – it’s still an attractive design and has lots of nice materials, but the way they all work together just seems somewhat dated. Worst of all is the infotainment system, that’s based on the one in the old Volvo XC90 – it seemed bad in that car, but in one this price it’s just embarrassing.

There’s plenty of room in both the DB11 and DB9 for two plus some luggage, but the rear seats in both are only really suitable for children or on very short journeys. Nevertheless, Aston Martin claims to have improved the rear space for the DB11. The rival Bentley Continental GT offers more room for four but is possibly a little less special than the new DB11.

Aston Martin DB11 vs DB9 driving

The new DB11 hasn’t been driven yet, but it seems likely that it’ll offer a similar driving experience to the old DB9 but with more control or comfort depending on the situation. The use of aluminium in its construction has given the DB11 a lower weight and, although the car is still positioned as a gran tourer, there should be a little more in the way of entertainment for keen drivers.

The DB9 is by no means a boring car to drive though, and its silky smooth ride and huge torque make it a very opulent way to travel. The new car gets standard carbon ceramic brakes too, meaning the Aston Martin will stop just as quickly as it accelerates.

Aston Martin DB11 vs DB9 engine

The DB11 has been given the brand’s new V12 engine, the most powerful fitted to any DB road car to date. The 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged engine makes 600hp and will get from 0-62mph in a mere 3.9 seconds. That’s seriously quick, and the car has a top speed of 200mph. Power is channeled through an eight-speed automatic, two more speeds than the DB9’s unit.

In comparison, the DB9’s 6.0-litre non-turbo V12 engine made ‘just’ 517hp – good enough for a 0-62mph time of 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 183mph. Thats’s quick, but is easily beaten by many rivals and even some super-SUVs including the BMW X5M.

Aston Martin DB11 vs DB9 value for money and price

An Aston Martin is never going to be a cheap car to buy or run, and the new DB11 is no exception. It’s priced from £154,900 and there’s a wide scope of options and personalisation making the average version likely to be closer to £200,000. The DB9 is priced from £131,995 but, again, there’s a long list of optional extras to choose from.

In terms of running costs it probably won’t surprise you to discover that both cars are similarly pricey. The DB9 can return 18.2mpg and has CO2 emissions of 324g/km – the DB11 is supposedly 20 per cent more efficient but, at best, that means fuel economy of 24mpg and CO2 emissions of 270g/km. Still, if you an afford to buy a car like this then you’ll be able to afford to run it, too.

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