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Kia Sorento vs Land Rover Discovery Sport – SUVs compared

If you had told us 10 years ago that Kia would soon count Land Rover as a direct rival then we may have laughed in your face – the gulf was that big.

You’d be laughing now, however, because the new Kia Sorento is a true competitor to the Land Rover Discovery Sport and we have five good reasons that explain why.

Don’t forget, you can a full review of both the Kia Sorento and the Land Rover Discovery Sport, and see how much you can save on either at our new car deals page.

Seven seats

The Discovery Sport may have seven seats (making it almost unique for its size), but the Sorento is longer meaning its sixth and seventh seats are significantly more useable.

The Kia’s spare seats will accommodate average-sized adults while the Discovery’s are best reserved for children. All in all, you’ll feel less of a second-class citizen squeezed in the back of the Kia.


The beauty of having a seven-seater SUV is that, when the spare pair of chairs are not in use, they fold away to reveal a huge boot – one that’s particularly massive in the Kia’s case.

It has a 605-litre capacity and that figure doesn’t take into account the large storage area hidden under the load bay. The Discovery Sport makes do with 486 litres and a slightly smaller opening than the Kia’s.


When it comes to perceived quality, the Discovery Sport looks and feels like a better product than the Kia but, after three years of ownership, your opinion could well have changed.

Land Rover – while much improved – has a historically poor reliability reputation for a premium brand. Kia, meanwhile, defies expectations – in our customer satisfaction index (a score for brands from carwow buyers) it scored 8.1 out of ten; far ahead of the 5.9 rating Land Rover mustered. 


If your Sorento gives up the ghost, you have an industry leading seven-year/100,000-mile warranty to fall back on. It might not be the most interesting thing to consider when purchasing a new car, but the promise of seven years’ of trouble-free motoring is hard to ignore and demonstrates Kia’s confidence in its product.

The three-year/60,000-mile warranty offered with a new Land Rover tells an entirely different story but is in line with models from rival carmakers like BMW, Audi and Mercedes.


As mentioned, Land Rover is a premium brand – so you’ll have to pay for it. Its popularity means that, even if you buy a Discovery Sport via carwow, you’re unlikely to get a discount.

In comparison, visit the Kia Sorento’s deals page and you’ll discover the Korean brand is slashing an average of £3,600 off the price for what is, ultimately, a bigger car than the Land Rover.


If you read the motoring press, you’ll see the Sorento finishes as a runner-up when put head to head with the Discovery Sport, but it doesn’t take much to chip away the thin veneer of victory.

In our book, the Sorento is the better long-term prospect and a shining example of just how far Kia has come in the past few years. For the price, you get a much larger car and, in a class where practicality is king, that means it represents better value for money.

What next?

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

Seven-seat 4x4 SUV is a great go-anywhere family car
£30,145 - £52,640
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Kia Sorento

Spacious seven-seat SUV is practical and comfortable
£30,225 - £42,925
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