VW Polo size and dimensions guide

The latest version of the Volkswagen Polo went on sale at about the same time as brand-new versions of the SEAT Ibiza and Ford Fiesta. Read on to see how it compares in terms of size, boot space and towing capacity – and find out if it’ll fit into your life.

Exterior dimensions

The VW Polo is a mere 6mm shorter and 4mm wider than the SEAT Ibiza, which is designed to feel slightly sportier than the VW. The Polo’s additional 17mm in height won’t be too noticeable either.

The Ford Fiesta is 15mm taller than the Polo. In ST-Line trim it’s 12mm longer, but other specifications measure 4,040mm – a mere 13mm off the Polo’s length.

Exterior dimensions
Length 4,053mm
Width 1,946mm
Height 1,461mm
Wheelbase 2,548mm

Interior dimensions

The Polo has a piffling 3mm less headroom than the Ibiza but a noticeable 27mm more than the Fiesta. In the rear, though, the Polo comes out on top by 7mm and 9mm versus the Ibiza and Fiesta respectively.

The width in the front of the Polo and Ibiza are identical at 1,425mm, but the rear of the Polo has slightly more space, meaning that three people will be slightly more comfortable in the back seats of the VW than the SEAT. Both cars offer more shoulder room than the Fiesta, which offers 1,346mm in the front and 1,300mm in the rear.

Interior dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 1,019mm (981mm with sunroof)/964mm
Shoulder room (front/rear) 1,425mm/1,425mm

Boot space

The boot space with the seats up is identical in both the Polo and the Ibiza – at 355 litres, it’s more room than you get in the larger Ford Focus. The Fiesta has 292 litres of space with the seats up and 1,093 litres with the rear seats dropped. That’s 32 litres fewer than the Polo and, although SEAT haven’t provided figures, the Ibiza is likely to provide a similar amount of space.

Boot space
Seats up 355 litres
Seats down 1,125 litres

Fuel tank and turning circle

There’s nothing to split the VW Group cars in this section, with both having 40-litre fuel tanks and a turning circle of 10.6 metres. However, both are outperformed by the Fiesta, which has a 42-litre tank and can turn around in just 10.05 metres.

Fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank 40 litres
Turning circle 10.6m

Weight and towing capacity

At the time of writing, the Polo ranges from 1,105-1,180kg, but some versions of the car haven’t been on VW’s scales yet. The Ibiza ranges from 1,091-1,184kg – certainly close enough not to notice the difference. If you’re looking to tow something with either of these cars, the Ibiza is very slightly better on both a braked and unbraked trailer, by 200kg and 20kg respectively.

Weight and towing capacity
Weight 1,105-1,180kg
Max towing capacity (braked/unbraked) 1,000kg/570kg
Max towball weight 80kg
Payload 423-522kg

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