Volkswagen Touareg sizes and dimensions guide

One of the biggest reasons for the Volkswagen Touareg‘s sales success is the fact it offers similar space and performance as the BMW X5, but for less money. That was the idea when it was launched in 2003, and this latest model looks to build on that philosophy.

To see exactly how it measures up in terms of size and space, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the Touareg’s interior and exterior dimensions. Use this guide to see if the Touareg will fit in your garage or simply carry all the luggage you need to transport.

Exterior dimensions

The weight of the latest Touareg has been significantly reduced from pervious models for improved efficiency, but the vehicle itself is actually bigger than before. It’s an impressive feat to cut the weight by more than 200kg, while increasing the wheelbase by some 40mm.

Exterior dimensions
Length 4,801mm
Width 2,208mm
Height 1,732mm
Wheelbase 2,893mm
Front/rear track 1,656/1,676mm

Interior dimensions

By increasing the external dimensions, VW has created more room inside the Touareg’s cabin than ever before. This means rear seat passengers don’t get a raw deal, and there’s enough room for adults to feel comfortable on long journeys.

Interior dimensions
Front headroom (with sunroof) 1,005mm (1,014mm)
Rear headroom (with sunroof) 989mm (984mm)
Front elbow width 1,549mm
Rear elbow width 1,511mm

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

Vehicles like the Touareg aren’t normally renowned for their manoeuverability in tight spaces. But with a turning circle of 11.9m, the Volkswagen is a long way from being a supertanker when it comes to turning around in a restricted area.

Even though the Touareg continues to become ever more fuel-efficient, it’s always going to be a lot more thirsty than a Polo. It’s hardly a surprise then that it comes with either an 85 or 100-litre fuel tank depending on model.

Turning circle and fuel tank sizes
Turning circle 11.9m
Fuel Tank Capacity (Escape model) 85 litres (100 litres)

Vehicle weight and towing weights

Every one of the new Touareg models is lighter than before by at least 203kg. Some models are even as much as 223kg lighter than before, which really is a considerable saving that has a big effect on economy and performance.

With the Touareg being exactly the type of vehicle you’ll buy if you need to tow something, we’ve also included the towing capacities so you’ll know if it’s up to the job.

Vehicle and towing weights
Unladen weight (Escape model) 2,185kg (2,251kg)
Gross vehicle weight (Escape model) 2,880kg (2,900kg)
Payload (Escape model) 770kg (724kg)
Braked trailer load limit (12% incline) 3,500kg
Unbraked trailer load limit 750kg
Nose weight 140kg
Roof weight 100kg

Save money on the Volkswagen Touareg

Use our VW Touareg configurator to see how much you could save on the list price of a new one. If you’re not convinced it’s the car for you then head over to our car chooser, which will help you narrow down all the cars on sale to ones that fit your needs.