2016 Ford GT is a carbon-fibre, 600hp, V6-powered rocket

Ford is reviving one of its most legendary names for 2016 – the GT. On the outside it looks fairly similar to the last model – it’s still very low, teardrop-shaped and has an aggressive gaping grille at the front – but under the skin it’s a very different beast.

The original was a Le Mans-winning icon that stuck it to the blue-blooded Ferraris – the new model is aiming squarely at Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari – this time, on the road. The new GT is aiming to be on the road in 2016, in time for the 50th anniversary of the company’s 1-2-3 win at the 1966 Le Mans.

Ford has surprised much of the motoring industry by straying away form the proven GT recipe – gone is the thumping V8 of the original or 2005 second generation, replaced by a twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 producing north of 600hp. The 3.5-litre unit has been proven in endurance racing and now finds its way into the GT.

Bloody-minded enthusiasts might complain it’s not a ‘proper GT’ without a V8 – and some might be justified – but Ford is simply answering the requirements of the market with this efficient powertrain. A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transaxle gearbox completes the performance hardware.

The new GT might not be short on power but keeping it all on the road has forced Ford to look closely at the GT’s aerodynamics. The body has been designed to maximise downforce while minimising drag – helped in part by its shape – but an active spoiler can also deploy for extra rear-end downforce if the computer thinks you need it.

Weight was a major focus for engineers this time round so the new car is built around a super-light carbon fibre safety cell with aluminium frames and carbon body parts draped over it. Carbon ceramic brake disks feature and reduce unsprung weight as well as improving stopping power and resistance to brake fade.

The chassis is suspended as a racing car would be featuring an active torsion bar and motorsport-inspired pushrod suspension. 20-inch alloy wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 tyres complete this super-high-performance package.

Pricing details are limited but expect it to cost upwards of the £150,000 of the second generation model. Production is due to start in 2016 – we’re eyeing our piggy-banks with temptation…

Can’t wait that long?

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