The November Dealer of the Month is…

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Each month we highlight a great carwow dealer, based on customer reviews, sales figures, and conversion rates.


Our top priority at carwow is providing a great experience for all customers. We only work with dealers who share this goal, and want to celebrate those that provide truly excellent customer service.

Each month, we highlight a great carwow dealer, based on customer reviews, sales figures, and conversion rates.

Our November Dealer of the Month is…

Russell Boot from Derby Alfa Romeo & Derby Jeep

It’s clear from reading Russell’s reviews from carwow customers that he provides top-notch customer service – of his 126 reviews, not one is less than four stars and he has an impressive 4.9/5 star rating. Though he handles carwow enquiries for two dealerships, customer reviews often mention his speedy response to calls and messages.

Russell is the carwow salesperson at Derby Alfa Romeo & Jeep, part of Beechdale Motor Group. Russell’s excellent customer service rating and his impressive statistics have made him the November Dealer of the Month. From customer feedback, we can see he consistently delivers the three things we know carwow users want most: helpful, impartial advice on their purchase, a quick response to their enquiries and a friendly manner. It’s even more impressive that he does it for two brands!

We encourage all carwow dealers to add a photo to their profile and update their stocklists to maximise their conversion rate, which Russell consistently does – earning him an impressive 61% call-to-sale conversion rate last month. He even goes the extra mile to alert us to any manufacturer campaign changes.

We spoke to Russell about his experience with carwow and his advice on making the most of the system:

Interview with Russell Boot

1. Your conversion rate is excellent – how do you sell so many cars?

While we are always price competitive, we pride ourselves on giving people the correct information and the best service at all time. Our reviews show we are doing something right and these help us massively.

2. How much do you think your responsiveness makes a difference in your conversion rate? 

It is vital to reply or at least acknowledge the enquiry as soon as possible. The sales team take it in turns to cover the enquiries after hours and so we respond right up until it’s time for bed.

3. Is there anything in particular you do when dealing with carwow customers that you don’t do with other customers? 

carwow customers are treated exactly the same as any other customer. They can be right at the start of the buying cycle or even right at the end so it is vital to ask the right questions and understand what they need from you.

4. How has your experience with carwow changed in the year that you’ve used the system? 

The experience through carwow has been excellent from the start but the way the website has evolved and new changes have come in, such as more visable stock lists, have made it easier and cleaner to use for both us and our customers.

5. What improvement(s) could we make to carwow to make it easier for you?

Having been on the system as a customer for a friend, I thought the speed of which the prices come through could be quicker. From a dealer point of view the system is excellent, but a stock list or offer page we could edit and add offers to would be helpful.

Lastly can I say thanks to the team who have been nothing but superb – thanks George and Taylor.

Reviews from Russell’s customers:

“Very helpful, always phoned and sent emails as promised. Great communication, talked me through everything, I live in Cornwall but would gladly travel to have the service I received from Derby Alfa Romeo. Many Thanks.”

“Very smooth, very easy process. Sorted all the details out over email and phone calls, and was kept updated throughout the wait for the car to be built and delivered. Very organised, very efficient. Russell even managed to handle me changing my mind with a last minute spec change after the order had been submitted. Handover process was efficient and friendly – car was perfect, washed and ready to go, with a tank of fuel. Spencer was ready to spend as much time as I wanted showing me the controls and features, and couldn’t have been more helpful.”

“Excellent service from Russell and Spencer – everything was pretty much faultless from beginning to end. This has been my easiest and best car-buying experience to date.”

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