Parking fines set to be capped at £50

February 07, 2022 by

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Parking fines in England and Wales will be capped at £50 as a result of a new code of practice introduced by the Government.

  • Parking fines to be capped at £50
  • Measures introduced in England and Wales
  • 10-minute grace period required before fine
  • 50% discount for payment with 14 days
  • Higher fines for more serious offences remain

Parking fines in England and Wales will be capped at £50 following new measures from the Government.

A new code of practice issued by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities will also give you a 10 minute grace period before parking fines can be handed out for staying beyond your paid-for time in a private car park.

You’ll also get five minutes to change your mind about parking before you can be handed a non-payment fine, too.

Firms will also be required to offer those penalised a 50% discount if the fine is paid within 14 days, as is the case with council-issued notices.

Companies found breaking this new code of practice may also be barred from requesting your information from the DVLA.

Despite the new cap, more serious offences — like parking in a disabled bay without a badge — can still net you higher fines.

London will also be excluded from the code of practice.

Neil O-Brien, Levelling Up minister, said: ​“Private firms issue roughly 22,000 parking tickets every day, often adopting a system of misleading and confusing signage, aggressive debt collection and unreasonable fees designed to extort money from motorists.

“The new code of practice will set out a clear vision with the interests of safe motorists at its heart while cracking down on the worst offenders who put other people in danger and hinder our emergency services from carrying out their duties.