Ban on petrol and diesel cars pushed back to 2035

September 20, 2023 by

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has pushed the ban on petrol and diesel cars back until 2035 as he sets out the government’s new green policies. Read on for all you need to know.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a revised set of green policies, including the pushing back of the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars by five years. Motorists in the UK will still be able to buy petrol and diesel cars until 2035, and you’ll still be able to buy them second hand after this date.

Sunak claimed in his speech that the original goals to reach net zero emissions, including the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars, would “impose unacceptable costs on hard-pressed British families” and that the government can “adopt a more pragmatic, proportionate and realistic approach to meeting net zero which eases the burden on working people”.

He also said that it should be the consumer that makes the choice to switch to an electric car, not the government forcing you to do it. The Prime Minister also noted the investment which the UK has secured from Jaguar Land Rover to build a new gigafactory, and that he expects that “the vast majority of cars” sold will be electric by 2030 because of falling costs and improved charging infrastructure.

Boss of the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders Mike Hawes claimed that delaying the petrol and diesel car ban will be confusing for consumers. In a statement he said: “The automotive industry has and continues to invest billions in new electric vehicles as the decarbonisation of road transport is essential if net zero is to be delivered.

“Government has played a key part in bringing some of that investment to the UK, and Britain can – and should – be a leader in zero emission mobility both as a manufacturer and market. To make this a reality, however, consumers must want to make the switch, which requires from Government a clear, consistent message, attractive incentives and charging infrastructure that gives confidence rather than anxiety. Confusion and uncertainty will only hold them back”

Ford’s UK Chair Lisa Brankin also released a statement in response to the news, urging the government to re-think this change. She said “Three years ago the government announced the UK’s transition to electric new car and van sales from 2030. The auto industry is investing to meet that challenge.

“This is the biggest industry transformation in over a century and the UK 2030 target is a vital catalyst to accelerate Ford into a cleaner future. Our business needs three things from the UK government: ambition, commitment and consistency. A relaxation of 2030 would undermine all three.”

The Prime Minister says the government is still committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050. In a statement, he said: “This country is proud to be a world leader in reaching Net Zero by 2050. But we simply won’t achieve it unless we change.

“We’ll now have a more pragmatic, proportionate, and realistic approach that eases the burdens on families.”

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