Carwow launches ‘Car-Check’ service to give motorists total confidence on buying used vehicles

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  • New data from Carwow reveals that 83% of motorists have concerns when buying used, including overpaying and discovering undisclosed damage
  • While eight in ten cars sold in the UK are second hand, 51% of used car buyers said they found problems after taking ownership of the vehicle
  • To give customers ultimate peace of mind, Carwow has launched its own Car-Check service, enabling prospective used car buyers to see the results of comprehensive ‘condition check’ before they buy

6 December, 2023: Eight in ten (83%)* motorists admit to having worries before buying a used car, according to new data from Carwow, the online marketplace for changing cars.

When it comes to buying used cars, Carwow’s data found that the top concern is ‘overpaying’ – 69% fear they will overpay – millions of motorists are also worried that they’ll buy a ‘lemon’. More than half of motorists (51%) said they are concerned about discovering undisclosed damage, four in ten (43%) are worried they’ll need to make important repairs as soon as they drive away, while one in four (25%) fear they’ll discover recalls that have never been addressed.

Sadly, it seems in some instances these feelings are justified, as more than half (51%) of used car buyers said they had discovered ‘hidden problems’ after taking ownership of the vehicle in the past.

Previous research by Carwow which explored people’s views on switching cars – found that nearly half (47%) of all motorists find selling a car stressful, while two in five (41%) feel the same about buying a car.

These worries however don’t stop Briton’s buying second-hand; eight in ten cars sold are in the used category1 with demand expected to grow in early 2024**.

John Veichmanis, CEO at Carwow said: “Buying a second hand car can have lots of benefits – it’s more affordable than buying new, you avoid the new car ‘depreciation’ hit, and insurance costs are often lower.

“But it is still a big investment, and you want to make sure that your money is spent on a vehicle that is safe, exactly how it’s described at the point of sale and worth what you’re paying for it.

If you don’t know the seller personally, it can require a leap of faith and one that can have serious consequences if you get it wrong. For example, if you buy a car that has been stolen, the police can seize it and you’ll be left with nothing, or if the seller is still paying a finance company for the vehicle, the finance company could repossess it.”

Carwow’s new service, powered by MotorCheck – the used Car History registration check site – cross-references thousands of data sources, including DVLA, police databases, and insurance and finance companies to provide detailed information about any car in the UK and flag any potential issues.

Veichmanis continued: “Our Car-Check reports help give drivers confidence that they are not unknowingly buying a car that is unsafe or overvalued. By providing a comprehensive check on the condition of a used car they are thinking of purchasing, we’re able to give motorists peace of mind. In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our data that we offer a £30,000 guarantee on every report***.”

The check includes if there has been a manufacturer recall, if the car has been stolen, written off, recorded as scrapped or has outstanding finance. It will also check the mileage – one in 11 vehicles have mileage discrepancies – the VIN number, run a taxi check and report any keeper, plate and colour changes, as well as the vehicle’s tax status.

The report will also include valuation data, specs, running costs and and if the car has been imported – imported vehicles are more expensive to insure and replacement parts can be hard to find, but it can be difficult to find the history of an imported car pre-registration, so it is worth getting it checked.

The cost of the Carwow Car-Check is £8.50 for a single check, £14.99 for a bundle of three or £19.99 for a bundle of five; all customers need to do is enter the registration number and create an account to view their report online.

To find out more about the new Carwow Car-Check service, visit –



*16,890,777 used car transactions in 2022 (SMMT) 1,614,063 new car registrations in 2022 (SMMT) Total 8,504,840

** Used car market set for strong 2024 (Fleetworld)

***T&Cs apply –