New Honda 0 Series concepts revealed at CES: everything you need to know

January 10, 2024 by

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Honda has just revealed a new pair of concept cars from what it calls the 0 Series. These futuristic new models will hit the market in 2026, read on for all you need to know.

  • New Honda 0 Series concepts revealed
  • Two new EV concept cars
  • Saloon has a more sporty edge
  • Space-Hub offers cavernous interior space
  • Intuitive digital dashboard design
  • Production versions coming in 2026

This is a pair of new concept cars from Honda called the 0 Series. There’s a saloon and a space-aged MPV called the Space-Hub, both of which offer a wild-looking exterior and a spacious, lounge-like interior.

These are both just concepts for now, however they’ll both inspire production cars in 2026.

New Honda 0 Series design

The 0 Series of concepts currently consists of two cars: the Saloon, and the Space-Hub. Both are equally bonkers to look at, let’s start with the saloon.

There’s Something of an 80s Lamborghini about the side profile thanks to the aggressive wedge shape, although it’s a lot taller than a Countach. The wide mouth at the front does make it look a bit like a bottom feeding fish, but it’s certainly imposing.

As for the Space-Hub, that looks like a bona-fide spaceship. There aren’t many people movers which are as sleek as this, with the smooth panels and LED light ring around the back making it stand out from the crowd.

New Honda 0 Series interior and technology

The Honda 0 Series has been designed as more of a driver-focussed car, and this shows in the cabin where you’ll find a low-slung driving position and a sporty-looking steering yoke. The saloon actually features steer by wire, so very little input is needed to go from lock-to-lock.

You also get a massive panoramic display in front of the driver, where you’ll find all the car’s functions. Honda calls this instrument panel a “human-machine interface”, which it claims is very intuitive to use.

The Space-Hub’s cabin offers a more spacious and lounge-like vibe thanks to the two rows of sofa-esque seating. The two people sitting in the back seem to be in awe of the full glass roof as well, something which floods the interior with plenty of natural light.

When can I buy a Honda 0 Series

Don’t get your wallets out just yet, because both the 0 Series saloon and the Space-Hub are just concept cars for now. You’ll have to wait until 2026 before you’ll see production-ready cars inspired by this pair hit the roads.

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