Porsche 718 T Cayman and Boxster announced

December 18, 2018 by

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Cayman and Boxster T make a brilliant-handling car even better to drive without the need to fork out for an even-more pricey top-end version

  • Announced

    New Porsche Cayman and Boxster T

  • Prices

    from £51,145

  • Specs include

    Revised looks and extra kit

Porsche has announced production of the Porsche 718 Cayman/Boxster T. Based on the basic version of the car – with a 300hp 2.5-litre engine – T trim gets you a bundle of desirable options and some model-specific trimmings that could sway it into your favour if you’re an enthusiast looking for a Porsche that’s (ever so slightly) different to a regular model.

First to the bad – T trim is no faster than a basic Boxster or Cayman, so you’ll get from 0-62mph 5.1 seconds (4.7 with the still optional PDK automatic gearbox) and on to a top speed of 171mph. Not exactly lethargic you’ll agree, but who would say ‘no’ to a little extra performance?

Chin up though, the good news comes when the roads turn twisty, because the T is your only option if you want Porsche Active Suspension Management on a base-level car. It has a 20mm lower ride height than standard and its selectable dampers – that stiffen at the twist of a switch – help you rein in body lean in bends, and also give the car a more purposeful appearance. Swapping the basic cars’ 18-inch wheels for 20-inch items also do the aesthetics no harm, and give you more grip.

Factor in the standard Sport Chrono Pack – it adds Porsche Active Drivetrain Mounts (PADM) that help the car feel more responsive in corners – and you end up with what should be an exceptionally sweet-handling version of an already extremely fun-to-drive sports car. We’ll take two.

And if you’re still not convinced, then maybe the T models’ added exclusivity will do the job. They come with their own unique badging, alloy wheels painted in high-gloss titanium grey, Agate grey door mirrors and a centre-mounted sports exhaust finished in black-chrome plate. All of which will help your T standout from the sea of other Caymans and Boxsters scattered around any UK city.

In terms of colours, you can choose from solid paints including black, Guards Red, Racing Yellow and white; metallic paints such as Carrara White, Jet Black and GT Silver; or – if you pay extra – bright finishes in the form of Lava Orange and Miami Blue.

The interior has also been given a touch of individuality courtesy of a smattering of ‘T’ model decals and the kind of fabric door pulls usually reserved for track-focussed specials such as the 911 GT3.

You can also choose to bin the sat-nav – to save weight, of course – though, as the saving’s so tiny, you’d be throwing away the convenience of having navigation and a stereo for zero performance benefit. Hmm. The final, more sensible, touch comes in the form of the standard fitting of Porsche’s smaller GT sports steering wheel that’s nicer to hold than the regular offering.

If that all makes the Cayman or Boxster T sound to you like the embodiment of a ‘pure’ Porsche, then you’ll be reassured to hear that it also has a pure, slightly more-than-you-expected, Porsche price tag – starting from £51,145 for the Cayman and £53,000 for the Boxster. Money that, incidentally, would secure you a 400hp Audi TT RS.