Suzuki Celerio interior

The Celerio’s interior is impressively roomy for such a small car, but no amount of leg and head room can distract from the cheap plastics and boring design



What the dashboard lacks in style and quality, it more than makes up for with ease of use

Unfortunately style isn’t the Suzuki’s strong point – but you can forgive it for not feeling particularly upmarket when it’s one of the cheapest new cars on sale. Black and dark grey are the orders of the day inside and, besides a few silver trims around the air vents and the stereo, everything comes with a cheap, brittle finish.

Thankfully, all these hard-to-the-touch plastics make the Celerio feel pretty sturdy for such an affordable car, and the minimalist heating controls might not look particularly fancy but they’re very easy to use.

On the subject of ventilation, you’ll have to pick a mid-range SZ3 model or above if you want air conditioning. These versions also get Bluetooth connectivity for your phone but you’ll have to pay extra for a top-spec SZ4 car if you want a four-speaker stereo instead of the standard car’s weedy two-speaker unit.

The Celerio’s stereo feels like it’s been lifted from an Amstrad parts bin – it certainly can’t hold a candle to what you get in the VW Up but then the Suzuki is significantly cheaper…

Mat Watson
carwow expert


What the dashboard lacks in style and quality, it more than makes up for with ease of use

Infotainment is another area where the low-tech Suzuki falls behind the likes of the VW Up and Hyundai i10. Every model comes with a very basic stereo system with an orange and black LCD screen that looks like it was pinched from a nineties hi-fi system.

Thankfully you get DAB digital radio and a CD player as standard, even on entry-level SZ3 cars, and mid-range SZ4 versions let you connect your phone using Bluetooth to play music or make calls through the built-in stereo.

Pairing your phone for the first time takes a frustratingly long time however, and only top-spec SZ4 models come with four speakers for the stereo – SZ2 and SZ3 versions have to make do with just two.

At least its buttons are sensibly laid out and you get a handy volume knob so you can quickly mute any annoying adverts. Sadly, their labels are rather small which can make them difficult to read as you drive along.

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