2021 Volkswagen ID6 leaked: price, specs and release date

James Allen and Padraig Mallett
February 10, 2021

The new VW ID6’s design has been leaked, before this new seven-seat electric car is revealed later in 2021. Read on for everything you need to know about VW’s upcoming electric SUV.

  • New VW ID6 design leaked
  • Shares stying with other VW EVs
  • 7-seater with spacious interior
  • Similar size to VW Touareg SUV
  • Rear- and all-wheel-drive versions expected
  • Electric range of 200-300 miles
  • More than 300hp
  • On sale in 2021
  • Likely to cost from £60,000

The new VW ID6 will come with 7 seats and a spacious interior, making it the first electric car alternative to the likes of the Volvo XC90 and Land Rover Discovery Sport.

2021 Volkswagen ID6 design

Thanks to the new leaked images, you can see the new Volkswagen ID6 will share a lot of styling cues with other VW electric cars. The strong crease line over the rear wheel arch, the subtle roof spoiler and the chunky black trim along the side skirts and bumpers are all features we’ve seen before on the smaller ID4.

Not every design detail on the Volkswagen ID6 has been lifted wholesale from existing models, though. For instance, the VW ID6 has larger headlights and a more aggressive front bumper design than the ID4, so you should be able to tell the two apart if you spot one in your rear view mirror. View the car side-on, and you’ll also be able to make out the ID6’s taller roof rails.

2021 Volkswagen ID6 interior

The new VW ID6’s interior will look similar to the ID4‘s, shown here.

No pictures have emerged of the Volkswagen ID6’s interior just yet but you can bet it’ll all be very similar to the ID3 and ID4. Don’t be surprised if the VW ID6 gets a minimalist dashboard design and a big touchscreen interface – along with a few extra mod-cons to cement its place at the top of VW’s electric-car pecking order.

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The Volkswagen ID6 will be far more spacious than VW’s other electric cars, though. Leaked specification documents suggest it’ll be a similar size as the Volkswagen Touareg SUV. In contrast to the five-seater-only Touareg, the ID6 will be sold as a seven-seater car.

2021 Volkswagen ID6 battery and range

Dual-electric motors will make the new ID6 four-wheel drive. 

The Volkswagen ID6 is expected to come with a 201hp electric motor – likely driving the rear wheels, as is the case with the VW ID3 and ID4 EVs. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s a strong chance VW will build a more powerful version with around 300hp, thanks to an additional electric motor that drives the front wheels.

Battery details are also being kept under wraps for now, though the VW ID6 may use the same 77kWh battery that’s found in the Volkswagen ID4. That battery should be big enough for the ID6 to cover decent distances between charges – though don’t expect it to match the smaller and lighter ID4’s maximum range of 310 miles.

VW ID6 prototype

You can expect the new VW ID6 to come with fast-charging capabilities that’ll let you boost its batteries from empty to around 80% charged in approximately half an hour. A full charge using a wallbox installed at home should be possible overnight.

2021 Volkswagen ID6 price and release date

It’ll be late in 2021 before the VW ID6 appears in showrooms. 

Official details on the VW ID6’s price and release date are still to be revealed, but there’s a strong chance it’ll go on sale before the end of 2021 – likely in China first before appearing in Europe at a later date. Because this car is the flagship in VW’s EV range, you can expect it to cost from around £60,000.

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