Audi S7 Performance

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0-60 mph in
4.6 secs
First year road tax

The S7 is an incredibly quick car regardless of the weather or road conditions.

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Performance and Economy

With 444hp on tap, the S7 isn’t exactly short on power, yet the same engine produces 605hp in the S8 Plus. The result is that the unstressed engine feels extremely smooth, which complements the car’s ability to cover a huge number of miles in one sitting. It’s not the power that pins you into the seat each time you press the accelerator, but the 406lb ft of torque, available from just 600rpm above idle. That equates to 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds and a 155 mph limiter that comes up way too quickly – not bad for a two-tonne car.

The S7 isn't that far behind the bonkers RS7 in terms of pace

Mat Watson
carwow expert

Such pace, inevitably, comes with high running costs, but in the S7’s case it’s not so bad. You can get close to the official fuel consumption of 29.4mpg by driving carefully and using the car’s cylinder-on-demand technology. It shuts down half the engine’s cylinders at a steady cruise on the motorway and fires them back up when power is needed – in a way most drivers would be hard pushed to notice.

Comfort and Handling

The S7 gets four-wheel drive as standard whereas in most rivals it’s an optional extra. Problem is, the big Audi still weighs close to two tonnes and although it can pick up speed with ease, show it some really twisty roads and you’ll be fighting a losing battle with the laws of physics.

Out on the motorway, the S7 is in its element – whether you want a relaxing drive home or to get somewhere in a hurry – the big Audi can do it. This is because it rides on standard air suspension which comes with several driving modes. You can adjust the ride stiffness, steering-wheel weight and throttle response to your liking in Individual mode or choose between the pre-programmed Comfort and Dynamic settings.