carwow's Best New MPV 2012 - The Ford C-Max


Leave all your prejudices at the door - they arent needed here. Theyll tell you that all MPVs are dull to look at, bland to drive and depressing to own. Fords C-Max loads all those preconceptions into its versatile interior and drops them off at the local recycling centre - heres a vehicle that critics say is fun to drive, and even looks good sitting on your driveway.
Families trading up from cars like the Focus in search of a bit more practicality shouldnt be disappointed - testers reckon its as comfortable and quiet as the regular Focus, but with greater room in the cabin and boot, and more space to store the paraphernalia of family life.
And is it good to drive? Yep, according to testers - the previous C-Max was already a sharp handler (its based on the Focus, so no surprises there), but the new one improves still further, with direct and communicative steering, a great ride and handling balance - even on larger, more fashionable alloy wheels - and a feeling of solidity that youll appreciate as your kids are fighting in the spacious back seats.
The rise in quality Ford has implemented over the past few years has seen prices rise accordingly, but although the C-Max is now more expensive than some competitors, its also better than all of them so you get what you pay for. Running costs are a Ford strong point - servicing is inexpensive and whether diesel or EcoBoost petrol, fuel costs are manageable.
By all accounts, critics reckon Ford has judged the C-Max pretty much perfectly - its as practical as youd hope from a small MPV, but its also fun to drive, so family buyers dont have to settle for a car that conforms to all the usual MPV stereotypes. The excellent reviews mean the C-Max is the carwow MPV of the year.
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