Smart Fortwo Cityflame MHD - Quick Drive Review

Smart's recently-unveiled Fortwo Boconcept has illustrated quite effectively just how many special editions the company pumps out.

We'd barely had a chance to step out out from our quick drive of the bright yellow Cityflame edition before Smart had unveiled its latest special model. The Cityflame will no doubt remain on sale until all are sold, but in some ways it's already out of date.

Smart Fortwo Cityflame badge

In fact, it's out of date in several ways, but that really applies to the Boconcept too, as well as several other Smart models. The car's infotainment is out of date, its frustrating semi-automatic gearbox and noisy three-cylinder petrol engine are out of date, and its corrugated ride quality is certainly out of date.

Despite being on sale since 2007 though, the Fortwo's styling remains resolutely modern. The Cityflame's distinctive yellow and black colour scheme isn't the classiest combination, but it makes the Fortwo even more prone to standing out among the hoards of silver and black hatchbacks that dominate the UK's roads.

Smart Fortwo Cityflame interior

A subtle BRABUS bodykit and a set of black alloy wheels help bring the whole caboodle closer to the road, while the bumblebee effect is replicated on the inside. The lower dashboard is yellow, the seats have yellow panels, and there's yellow stitching throughout. The Fortwo's interior was never such a bad space to sit as it was, both airy and interestingly-designed, though some may find the unadjustable wheel and fore-and-aft seat adjustment a little limiting.

Grip too is limited once you're out on the road, though there's a strange satisfaction in making such an unlikely vehicle go as quickly as possible. It harks back to the days of extracting every braying horsepower from your first car, and there's similary puerile fun to be had here.

Smart Fortwo Cityflame detail

And naturally, the Fortwo still excels in the city (ride quality aside). The turning circle is tight, visibility is excellent and Renault Twizy aside, no car is easier to park.

Price as tested: 12,370
Combined MPG: 65.7
CO2: 98 g/km

Smart Fortwo Cityflame bodykit


The Fortwo MHD is probably the weakest link in Smart's current lineup, slower than the turbocharged cars and less frugal than the diesel, though conversely it's most afforable and therefore most appropriate for a city car.

We'd not go out of our way to recommend the Cityflame either. Unless you're a big fan of the colour yellow, it's not demonstrably better than the 9,575 Edition 21, and that car has free insurance and a tempting 79 a month finance deal into the bargain.

If you want a Smart but can't afford the BRABUS, don't like diesel and can't live with electricity, that's the one to go for. Or just hang fire for the brand new model due in the next year or so...

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