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Alfa Romeo MiTo TwinAir – Full of Character

Fiats 875cc, twin-cylinder MultiAir engine, or TwinAir for short, is quickly becoming the moteur du jour throughout the Fiat empire.

First seen in the retro 500 and subsequently appearing in the Chrysler Ypsilon, Fiat Panda and Fiat Punto, its latest home is behind the exotic nose of an Alfa Romeo – the MiTo, to be precise.

It actually makes a lot of sense and the biggest draw is the economy and low emissions.

At an official 67.3 mpg and with CO2 dipping under the 100 g/km barrier, the MiTo touts free road tax and London congestion charge exemption. Beating Boris with a chic Alfa badge on the snout is actually a very tempting proposition.

And while not quite matching the 1.3 JTDm diesels fuel and CO2 figures, the petrol TwinAir is a dash quicker to 60 mph.

It sounds better too. Alfa Romeo has wisely tweaked the engines refinement and been liberal with sound-deadening material – befitting its more discerning customer base – but the two-pots inherent liveliness still bubbles through. Nothing else sounds quite like it, and while its particularly audible at mid to high revs, cruising through town its both quiet and refined.

While enjoying the twin-cylinder burble may not do a lot for fuel efficiency – we saw around 40 mpg on the trip computer – it all adds to the fun, and the MiTo is happy to be thrown around country lanes and city streets in a way that all Alfas should. All the controls are light and easy to operate, so punting it around town is no hardship.

The engine does need revving to get the best from it though, and even then it never feels particularly quick. The MiTo cant match the MINI for cornering thrills either, and while the interior is distinctive and comfortable, it just lacks that dusting of flair youd expect from an Alfa.

With prices starting at over 14,000, its also one of the more expensive ways to get hold of the TwinAir engine.

Price as tested: 14,095

Combined mpg: 67.3

CO2: 98 g/km


Motoring journalists have been known to bleat on about character in cars – particularly those with an Alfa Romeo badge – but the MiTo TwinAir can lay a very real claim to possessing that quality.

Its neither fast, nor in real-world driving can it easily match its official fuel figures, but the twin-cylinder MiTo is still an appealing package. Only its expense may put some people off – but for city dwellers, particularly those in London, its a fun, cheap to run option.

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