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Audi Q7 dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes


The Audi Q7 is one of the largest vehicles on the road today that you can drive with a normal licence. If you’re after a four-wheeled tank for ferrying the kids around, it’s likely to be your first stop.

But will the mammoth Audi fit on your drive? Does it use the huge exterior wisely and give you a roomy interior to match? We’ve pored over the numbers to find out how much car you get for your money…

Exterior dimensions


Okay, this is huge. At nearly 5.1 metres long it’s almost twice the length of a new Smart fortwo – and you could fit the dinky city car between the Audi’s two axles, which are three metres apart.

The bad news is that it’s unlikely to fit into a regular garage – the 2.2-metre width makes it significantly wider than a standard garage door opening and even with the mirrors folded in they’re going to foul on the door frame. You’ll need either an extra-wide or double door to make this work.

Exterior length – 5,089mm
Exterior width (inc. mirrors) – 2,177mm
Exterior width (exc. mirrors) – 1,983mm
Exterior height – 1,737mm
Front track – 1,651mm
Rear track – 1,676mm
Wheelbase – 3,002mm

Interior dimensions


It’s a little surprising to find that there’s not a significantly different amount of head and legroom in the Q7 than there is in the Audi Q5 – there’s so little in it that you may not even be able to tell – but it comes as a consequence of two additional seats at the back of the car. Living space is therefore not a forte of the Q7, but for a family of seven there’s not much to complain about.

Headroom front – 1,003mm
Headroom rear – 991mm
Legroom front – 1,049mm
Legroom rear – 942mm

Luggage space


Again, the extra berths make for a slightly smaller load space – 330 litres is hatchback-rivalling though, so not to be sniffed at. Dropping the rearmost row gives you a much more usable 765 litre space, but with the middle row flat (or near enough) there’s over 2,000 litres available.

If that’s not enough, the Q7 is also rated to drag along 3.2 tonnes of braked trailer – so you could tow another Q7 behind…

Boot space (7 seats up) – 330 litres
Boot space (5 seats up) – 765 litres
Boot space (seats down) – 2,035 litres
Towing capacity – 3,200kg

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity


It won’t be shocking to learn that the Q7′s turning radius is positively freighter-like – 12 metres gives you a fair chance of getting a kerb-to-kerb swivel done in four lanes, but in suburban streets you’re going to be using reverse a lot. At least you can help coin the Audi Q7-point turn…

The fuel tank is absolutely massive. Fill it with fuel and it weighs so much it’s like carrying an extra person at 88kg. With 100 litres on board, the claimed ranges are 675-860 miles…

Turning circle – 12.0m
Fuel tank capacity – 100 litres



Ranging from 2.3 tonnes for the 3.0 diesel up to 2.44 tonnes for the 4.2 diesel, the Q7 is not exactly a featherweight – something to watch out for if you have an asphalt or block-paved driveway! You can also shove nearly three-quarters of a ton of extra stuff into it, though how you’d achieve that with 6 passengers we don’t want to find out.

Kerb weight – 2,300-2,440kg
Gross vehicle weight – 3,135-3,265kg

More information

If you’d like to know more then check out our full Audi Q7 review section, where there are photos, videos, stats and a buying guide.






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