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Top 10 mistakes stupid car buyers make

Buying a new car isnt an easy process, there are a lot of traps you can fall into. Here are a few things you can avoid, so you don’t end up getting a bad deal or buying the wrong car.

Buying the previous generation model

If you see an unbelievable price for a new car, then check its actually for a car still on sale. Lots of people fall into the trap of buying a brand new car, only to realise that they stopped making that model months ago and theres actually a completely different and hugely improved version on sale. Do your research first.

Buying a car thats about to get an upgrade

Its similar to the last point, and an easy mistake to avoid. Most new cars get a facelift every few years and have quite substantial changes made to them. Check around on the internet before you buy the car you want and see if its rumoured to be getting an upgrade soon. We know someone who bought an 80k Range Rover, then was furious to read a new version come out just weeks after he had ordered it.

Ordering a crazy colour

Although you thought that burgundy colour you chose looked good in the brochure, once your friends start asking why did you buy a poo coloured car? youll quickly regret it. Plus when it comes to selling it, the realisation that had you bought it in silver it would be worth twice the value, will come as a shock.

Going in and saying I want a blue car

Weve spoken to dealers, and yes, it does happen. Now were not being sexist here, but we have been told that its usually women who say this. All it says to the dealer is that youre a mug and that youre going to be an easy sale.

Thinking that free floor mats make it a bargain

Just because the dealer offers you something like free floor mats or a mud flaps, doesnt mean youre a good negotiator, it means you gave up way too easily.

Buying a hybrid car that costs a fortune

Yes the engine you chose may do 80mpg and not cost a penny in road tax, but if it costs thousands more than a normal diesel engine, and you only do 500 miles a year, then youre not saving money, youre just losing it. Do the maths first, dont just be tempted by the fact you can smugly tell your friends that you drive one of those hybrid cars.

Not getting insurance quotes before you buy

You may have skillfully haggled down the dealer and got a good price, but the insurance for your shiny new car could turn out to cost a fortune. Make sure you get a car insurance quote before you buy the car, so youre not left with an enormous insurance bill to pay every month.

Going overboard on options

Dont get carried away when looking at the options list. What turned out to be a few sensible purchases will quickly spiral out of control and turn into a massive financial outlay. Whats more, you wont get much of your money back for those options when you come to sell it on. Just ask yourself how much harder life would be if you didnt go for those 2,000 heated rear seats.

Not doing your research

Theres a tonne of good info out there to help you decide what car to buy. Read lots of reviews, find out what sort of price you should be paying and dont buy a car that doesnt suit your needs. Were slightly biased, but we do think carwow is the best place to start, try our new car chooser first!

Ignoring less well known brands

Not considering less premium brands can be a big mistake. Yes there are still some rubbish manufacturers, like Perodua and Dodge. But there are a lot of manufacturers that used to make crap cars, who now make some excellent models, such as Kia and Hyundai. And if you even questions whether modern Skodas are any good, then quite frankly youre an idiot.
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