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Ford C-Max and Grand C-Max colours guide and prices

The Ford C-Max is an elegant, family-friendly five-seater multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) with a practical interior, while the Ford Grand C-Max is its larger, seven-seater sibling.

If you’ve made your mind up that one of these MPVs is right for you and you’re at the point of making a decision on colour, remember your choice will significantly affect how often you’ll need to clean your car, how visible your C-Max will be on the road, and how easy it will be to sell on when the time comes.

The C-Max and the Grand C-Max are available in Zetec and Titanium trim levels, with the same exterior colour palette for each. In all, there are 10 hues including two non-metallic, three metallic, a Mica and four design shades.

If this sounds like your perfect car, use our Ford C-Max or Ford Grand C-Max car configurator to get a great deal. Check out our handy paint types guide to learn the difference between metallic, mica and matte finishes.

Non-metallic colours

Race Red – £0

This is a classic post-box red that has been a motoring staple for decades. Not only will it make it easy to find your C-Max in a car park, it shouldn’t be a nightmare to sell on either.

Frozen White – £250

This pure soap powder white is a dazzling one, ideal if you want to be seen on the road. White is also the most popular car colour among Brits, and often car brands will charge a premium for it – although you’ll have to stump up an extra £250 for a white C-Max, that’s a lot less than other manufacturers will charge. Clearly, though, a car this pale and bright is going to show up every last speck of dirt super speedily.

Metallic colours

Magnetic – £525

This sleek dark grey is likely to be a winner with prospective buyers – it’s grey, but the metallic flakes in the paint will help it glisten under bright lights. What’s more, it will conceal highway grime for a fair old while, making it a sensible choice as well as a smart one.

Deep Impact Blue – £525

This is a classic Ford colour that’s popular with buyers. It’s bright enough to give the C-Max some extra pizazz, but dark enough to lend it some sophistication. It’ll hide the worst of winter road grime for some time too.

Moondust Silver – £525

This is a stylish, mid-spectrum brushed steel shade that should change hands like the proverbial hot cakes, given silver’s current popularity among car buyers.

Mica colours

Shadow Black – £525

This glossy jet black is one of the most popular colours in the UK, and especially on all manner of business and official vehicles. But although it’s generally pretty practical, avoid cheaper car washes which can leave ugly swirl patterns behind on the paint.

Design colours

Tectonic Silver – £645

This is more beige or brown than the Moondust Silver, and slightly darker. Distinctive and restrained, it’s unlikely to present you with many resale headaches. It should do an above average job of offering grime a hiding place, too.

Red Rush – £645

This is a deep shade that’s perhaps more maroon than red, and could be ideal if you’re on the hunt for something a little different. It may take marginally longer to sell on than more conventional hues, but not much. In terms of not showing up the dirt, it ought to fare better than most.

Iceberg – £645

This is a glacial, mid-range blue that’s distinctive yet pretty elegant. If you really tear up the miles you might want to think again, though, because you may find dirt becomes visible more quickly than you’d like.

Caribou – £645

This chocolatey espresso dark brown could be just the thing if you fancy a break from the norm, though it won’t top many polls of preferred car paint colours. What it will do, though, is conceal the grime of the highway for longer than most.

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