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Hyundai i40 and Tourer colours guide and prices

The Hyundai i40 is a spacious saloon offering good looks, practicality and great economy. Those after more space are served by the i40 Tourer estate. If you’ve set your heart on one, getting the colour right will affect how often you’ll be cleaning your vehicle and how quickly you’ll be able to sell it on.

The i40’s palette offers one solid colour, three pearl effect shades and a two metallic ones. Unlike some rivals, all colours are available across all models. If the range of finishes leaves you slightly confused, our car paint types guide is here to help.

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Solid colours

Creamy White – £0

White is always an easy colour to sell on because it’s one of the UK’s most sought-after car shades. This version has a hint of cream but will still take lots of regular cleaning to stay spotless.

Metallic colours

Sleek Silver – £550

This mid-range silver will find a used buyer quickly and easily making it a sensible long term choice. It’ll also give your i40 a very modern look. It won’t hide dirt for very long so regular washing is a must.

Titanium Silver – £550

This is a practical colour if you tend to drive long distances – being darker than other options means motorway grime stays hidden for longer. This rich gunmetal is another very popular shade that won’t keep you hanging around for a used buyer.

Pearl colours

Blue Spirit – £550

Blue is one of Britain’s most favoured car shades after monochrome options, so you won’t struggle to find a buyer for this hue. We expect fairly good performance when it comes to concealing road dirt.

Phantom Black – £550

This intense jet black is given a sleek look thanks to the pearl effect paint. It’s usually among the most popular car colours so you won’t struggle to find a used buyer for this shade. While darker colours typically hide dirt better than lighter ones, black bucks that trend. Beware of cheaper car washes because they can leave unsightly swirl marks behind.

Red Merlot – £550

This deep, wine-coloured red will bring some colour to your i40, while still being tasteful and restrained. It’ll hide dirt for a while but not as long as darker colours. It might not be for everyone, however, so it might take longer to sell on than darker colours.

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