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Kia Optima and Sportswagon colours guide and prices

The Kia Optima is a stylish and practical saloon that offers great value for money and an impressive seven-year warranty. The latest model also offers a refined driving experience and high quality interior. We’ve compiled a list of the paint shades available to make choosing the perfect hue for your new car a breeze.

If you use our Kia Optima configurator you could could get a great deal on a brand new car. Take a look at our paint types guide if you’d like more specific information on the various finishes on offer.

Solid finishes

Midnight Black – £0

Midnight Black is a stylish colour choice that compliments the Optima’s elegant lines. It’s likely to remain popular with used car buyers and the fact that it’s a no-cost option makes it a sensible choice. Be prepared, however, for regularly visits to the car wash to keep your black car looking its best.

Satin Silver – £0

A silver paint job is a timeless choice that should ensure your car will be easy to sell when the time comes. Silver paintwork will do a poor job of hiding dirt and grime, however – if you regularly cover many motorway miles you may want to choose a darker shade.

Gravity Blue – £0

Gravity blue is arguably the most exciting colour choice for the Optima. It is, however, only available on higher-spec ‘3’ and ‘4’ trim levels, not cheaper ‘2’ models. Not only does it gives the Optima a little more character, but it should be pretty easy to keep looking clean, too. As an added bonus, It should prove relatively popular among used car buyers.

Metallic finishes

White Pearl – £545

White is one of the most popular colours with new car buyers but unfortunately this metallic option isn’t available in basic ‘2’ trim. The combination of metal flakes in the paint and large alloy wheels suits the Optima’s handsome styling and finding a buyer for a car in this shade should be easy – keeping it looking clean, however, will not be.

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Kia Optima

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