New Kia EV5 revealed: electric SUV could come to the UK

October 13, 2023 by

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This is the new Kia EV5. It’s an electric SUV which sits below the new EV9, and it’s going on sale in China later this year. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New Kia EV5 revealed
  • Electric SUV to sit below the EV9
  • Similar design to that car
  • Clever interior layout
  • Up to 447 miles of range possible
  • May come to the UK in 2025

This is the new Kia EV5, and it’s an electric SUV which is slightly smaller than the Kia EV9. It could be coming to the UK in 2025, however it will launch in China later this year.

There are a variety of motor and battery options, with up to 447 miles of range possible. A high-performance GT model is also on the cards.

New Kia EV5 design

This may look like a Kia EV9 which has been photocopied at 75%, however it’s actually an all-new model. The EV5 does have a few distinguishing features to help set it apart from its larger stablemate.

It has a similar upright front end, but the EV5 has a slightly different headlight design with a triangular shape, rather than the square design on the EV9. The light bar across the bonnet is also slimmer, and the lower air intake is larger.

The side profile is pretty much the same as the EV9’s though, albeit scaled-down a bit. The rear-hinged back doors from the EV5 concept have been replaced with more conventional ones, and you get flush-fitting door handles.

The rear of the car has Volvo EX90 vibes about it with the C-Shaped lights and the LED strip across the tailgate. There’s also a pretty big roof spoiler for a family SUV.

New Kia EV5 interior

The Kia EV5 concept had a very minimalist and futuristic-looking interior (pictured below), however it’s been toned-down a bit for the production car. It looks very similar to the cabin of the EV9.

You have a similar dual-screen setup on the dashboard as a lot of new Kia models, and the steering wheel looks as though it’s lifted straight from the EV9 as well.

Being smaller than the EV9, this new car has five seats as opposed to seven. They lie completely flat for maximum practicality, and you have an adjustable shelf in the boot which you can use to divide your cargo.

New Kia EV5 motors and batteries

Kia has finally spilled the beans on what’s powering the new Kia EV5. There are three motor options available, as well as two battery sizes.

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The standard car gets a 64kWh battery paired with a 215hp motor powering the front wheels. It’s expected to have 329 miles of range, an impressive 83 miles more than basic versions of the Skoda Enyaq can manage.

If you want to go further on a charge, then the Long Range model uses a larger 88kWh battery with the same 215hp motor. The result is a targeted range of a whopping 447 miles, which would be more than just about any electric SUV on the market today.

Those after all-wheel-drive and some added performance will look towards the Long Range AWD car, which adds another motor on the rear axle for a combined 308hp. The range does take a slight hit for the added performance, with it targeting 404 miles.

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In addition to this, a sporty GT version of the EV5 is also on the cards. There are no technical details on this car just yet, however it could share parts with the Kia EV6 GT. That car has 577hp from its dual motors, so expect similar numbers from the EV5.

Will I be able to buy a new Kia EV5?

The Kia EV5 is already available to order in China, and it could be coming to the UK, but not until around 2025.

As for price, expect it to fetch around £40,000. That places it comfortably below the larger EV9.

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