Kia Optima and Sportswagon sizes and dimensions guide

The Kia Optima is a value-packed saloon that offers impressive levels of refinement and striking looks. The latest model is more sophisticated than ever and has a seriously stylish interior but, with plenty of rivals to choose from, why should you pick the Kia?

We’ve pulled together comprehensive dimensions data for the Optima to save you breaking out the tape measure in the dealership. If you’ve decided it fits your needs perfectly, our Kia Optima car configurator can help you get a great deal on your new car.

Kia Optima exterior dimensions

The Optima is an example of how modern family cars have expanded far beyond the sizes of their predecessors. At nearly 4.9 metres in length, it’s within a few millimetres of main rivals such as the Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia and Skoda Superb, but noticeably longer than Kia’s own Sorento SUV. In terms of width, Kia doesn’t provide figures with the mirrors extended, but with them folded, the Optima is very similar to its competitors.

Kia Optima exterior dimensions
Length 4,855mm
Width (mirrors folded) 1,860mm
Height 1,465mm

Kia Optima interior dimensions

Although the Kia Optima can seat five, its sloping roofline does reduce rear passenger space somewhat. Head and leg room up-front is right at the top of the class but, the Skoda Superb offers an extra 20mm of rear headroom and the Mondeo has an extra 46mm of rear legroom – this could put off some potential buyers.

Kia Optima interior dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 1010.9mm/960.1mm
Legroom (front/rear) 1155.7mm/904.2mm

Kia Optima boot space

Luggage space should be ample enough for most customers, but the Optima still lags slightly behind the class leaders. A 510-litre boot capacity is significantly less than the 625 litres offered by the Skoda Superb, and many other rivals allow you to fold the rear seats flat to create a practical load bay. An Optima estate is due by the end of 2016 that should offer buyers far greater levels of practicality.

Kia Optima boot space
Boot space 510 litres

Kia Optima fuel tank size and turning circle

The Kia’s 10.9-metre turing circle is surprisingly good for such a large car– indeed the Optima fares better here than virtually all it’s rivals. The Skoda Superb comes close with a turning circle of 11.1 metres, but the Insignia and Mondeo take a 0.6 metres more space to turn. A decent 70-litre fuel tank results in theoretical ranges of 1,036 and 988 miles for the manual and automatic versions respectively.

Kia Optima fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank 70 litres
Turning circle 10.9 metres

Kia Optima weight and towing limits

Weighing in at approximately 1,600kg, the Optima is by no means a lightweight. The only difference between models is due to the automatic gearbox, an option that adds 15kg to its total weight. The relatively small 1.7-litre engine means the Optima can’t quite tow as much as some rivals, but the 1,800kg braked trailer limit is still quite competitive for a car with a manual gearbox.

Kia Optima weight and towing limits
Weight 1,590-1,605kg
Towing limit 1,500-1,800kg

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Kia Optima

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