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Lexus RC and RC F sizes and dimensions guide

The Lexus RC might not be the sportiest four-seater coupe out there, but high levels of refinement make it a great alternative to the BMW 4 Series or the Mercedes C-Class Coupe. You can choose from a wide selection of models, from a frugal hybrid to the M4-baiting RC F.

We’ve taken a look at how the RC measures up to help you work out whether it’s practical enough for your daily needs. If you’re sold on it, check out our Lexus RC F car configurator to see the best prices from our selection of great car dealers.

Lexus RC and RC F external dimensions

Anyone who has driven a comparably large modern coupe should have little trouble getting used to the RC’s size on the road. The Lexus is a matter of millimetres longer, wider and taller than the BMW 4 Series, and measures up very similarly to the Mercedes C-Class Coupe, too.

The RC F’s more aggressive aerodynamic package means that it’s slightly longer and wider than the less potent models in the RC range.

Lexus RC and RC F external dimensions
Length (RC F) 4,695mm (4,705mm)
Width (RC F) 1,840mm (1,845mm)
Height (RC F) 1,395mm (1,390mm)
Wheelbase 2,730mm

Lexus RC and RC F interior dimensions

The RC interior is a lovely place to be – not only is it comfortable but it’s beautifully built, too. The dashboard was inspired by the LFA supercar helping it stand out from the crowd.

There’s plenty of head and elbow room in the front but the pair of rear bench is only really suitable for children. The leather seats are very comfortable, and there’s a huge range of adjustment for the driver.

Lexus RC and RC F interior dimensions
Headroom (front) 1,110mm
Elbow room (front) 1,520mm

Lexus RC and RC F boot space

The Lexus comes with a 374-litre boot – only six litres shy of what you’d get from a Volkswagen Golf – but the BMW 4 Series’ 445-litre load bay is a more useful size. The boot opening is fairly small, so loading large items can be difficult, but a 60:40 split in the rear bench allows longer items to be carried with relative ease.

The overall space drops by 34 litres if you buy a hybrid RC, however, because the batteries are mounted towards the rear of the car eating into the available boot area.

Lexus RC and RC F boot space
Seats up 374 litres (Hybrid 340 litres)

Lexus RC and RC F turning circle and fuel tank

There’s little to differentiate the RC from its closest rivals in terms of manoeuvrability. Its 11.2-metre turning circle is a fraction tighter than the 4 Series’ but few drivers will notice the difference.

A relatively generous 66-litre fuel tank allows the even the fire-breathing V8 RC F to cover a reasonable distance between fuel stops. If you can match the claimed 57.6mpg of the most frugal hybrid variant, an 800-mile range could be possible.

Lexus RC and RC F turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 11.2 metres
Fuel tank 66 litres

Lexus RC and RC F weight

One criticism regularly levelled at the RC is its hefty kerb weight – the RC F coupe weighs only 10kg less than the GS F saloon. The 1,675kg RC 200 t’s closest competitor, the BMW 420i, is a whopping 170kg lighter. This weight has a detrimental effect on the RC’s handling, performance and fuel economy.

Lexus RC and RC F weights
Lightest Heaviest
1,675kg (RC 200 t) 1,765kg (RC F)

Save money on your Lexus RC

If this is the car for you, our Lexus RC configurator can help you get a great deal. If you still need a hand picking your next car, our car chooser tool can help you decide.

Lexus RC

Smart coupe rivals the established competition
£38,800 - £45,800
Read review Compare offers

Lexus RC F

Powerful saloon combines speed and comfort
£59,690 - £71,190
Read review Compare offers
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