New Lexus LF-ZC revealed: electric GT concept previews new technology

October 25, 2023 by

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This is the new Lexus LF-ZC, and it’s an all-electric GT car which you’ll see on the roads in 2026. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Lexus LF-ZC revealed
  • All-electric GT car
  • Crazy-looking design
  • Futuristic interior with sustainable materials
  • Up to 500 miles of range possible
  • On sale in 2026

Lexus has pulled the covers off the new LF-ZC concept, an all-electric four-door GT car which will go into production in 2026.

Along with the bonkers styling, this new car will make use of new battery technology and some sustainable new manufacturing techniques.

New Lexus LF-ZC design

Cast your mind back to the mid 90s and Lexus wasn’t known for making the most exciting cars on the market. This has turned around in the last decade or so, and the new LF-ZC concept looks completely bonkers.

The low-slung front end gives this car a sporty vibe, and there are plenty of bold creases across the bonnet and lower bumper. It’s quite a stubby front end, with a massive windscreen making the interior seem more spacious.

There’s a clever vent in the front wing which could channel air down the side of the car, making it more aerodynamic. Speaking of aerodynamics, the LF-ZC has a smooth and sleek shape which should allow air to flow over the top with ease, something which will increase efficiency.

Looking to the rear of the car, you have a slim LED light bar spanning the entire width, as well as a vertical LED strip on each side of the bumper. There’s something of the Lotus Evija about the vents at the rear as well.

New Lexus LF-ZC interior and infotainment

The interior of the new Lexus LF-ZC looks just as modern and high-tech as the exterior, thanks to a smattering of screens and a spaceship-like rectangular steering wheel.

The acres of glass give the cabin a light, airy and spacious look, while the digital driver’s display is set up in the windscreen so you can keep your eyes on the road. All of your driving controls are also integrated into a pad which falls within easy reach from the steering wheel.

For added eco brownie points, the interior of this car makes use of bamboo materials throughout. Bamboo grows quickly, so is more sustainable, and it absorbs a lot of C02.

New Lexus LF-ZC motors and batteries

Not much is known about what’s powering this new electric car, however it’s likely to make use of new battery technology which Toyota is planning to bring to market in 2026.

These new lithium ion batteries will be capable of between 400 and 500 miles on a charge according to Toyota, and they’ll be able to charge from 10-80% in 20 minutes or less.

When can I buy a new Lexus LF-ZC?

Lexus is planning to bring the new LF-ZC to market in 2026, although it’s likely to be toned-down slightly from this concept. Expect to see a similar shape with slightly less of the wild-looking creases.

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