Mini Hatchback sizes and dimensions guide

The new Mini Hatchback is a style-driven sporty hatchback that handles sharply, uses little fuel and offers good levels of refinement. Read our dimensions guide to discover whether the Mini is just the right size or if it’s just a little too small.

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Mini Hatchback external dimensions

The latest version of the Mini may have grown by a whopping 800mm in length over the 1959 original but, in relation to its contemporary supermini rivals including the Citroen DS3 and the Volkswagen Polo, it’s still a relatively compact hatchback.

If you don’t carry rear seat passengers often, it’s worth choosing this three door hatchback over the five-door version – it’s 161mm shorter so should fit into tighter parking spaces and smaller garages more easily. While looks are subjective, we think the three-door version looks more resolved than the five-door, too.

Mini Hatchback external dimensions
Length 3,821mm
Width 1,727mm
Height 1,414mm
Wheelbase 2,495mm

Mini Hatchback interior dimensions

To some extent, the criticisms of the older car’s slightly cramped cabin have been addressed. The latest model is roomier inside, with plenty of headroom up front but taller adults will find legroom severely limited in the rear.

The seats are very supportive and, thanks to a huge range of adjustment for the steering wheel, it’s easy for drivers of all sizes to get comfortable. A letterbox-like view out of the windscreen might make the Mini feel sporty, but it means visibility is slightly compromised.

Mini Hatchback interior dimensions
Headroom front/rear 1,024/937mm
Shoulder room front/rear 1,285/1,214mm

Mini Hatchback boot Space

The Mini’s cabin space might be competitive but the boot is far from class-leading. A 211-litre boot is much smaller than both the Audi A1 (270 litres) and the Citroen DS3 (285 litres). The opening is fairly wide and, by folding the rear seats flat, a further 520 litres of carrying capacity is made available.

Mini Hatchback boot space
Seats up 211 litres
Seats down 731 litres

Mini Hatchback turning circle and fuel tank capacity

The Mini needs 10.8 metres of road to perform a U-turn – slightly wider than the DS3’s 10.4 metres but still competitive with the majority of superminis on the market today.

Smaller petrol-engined models are fitted with a 40-litre fuel tank, while the diesels and Cooper S variants gain an extra four litres. The most frugal Mini model is the diesel-powered One D. If you can match the claimed 83.1mpg fuel economy figure, it has the ability to cover 800 miles on a single tank.

Mini Hatchback turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 10.8 metres
Fuel tank 40 litres (One, Cooper)/44 litres (Cooper S, all diesel models)

Mini Hatchback weight

The Mini Hatchback weighs a little more than a typical supermini. It does, however, feel like a very high-quality product – overall refinement is far better than cars such as the DS3.

Mini Hatchback weights
Lightest Heaviest
1,165kg (One) 1,295kg (JCW Auto)

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