Nissan Pulsar colours guide and prices

The Nissan Pulsar is a practical family hatchback that’s comfortable, spacious and offers a decent amount of standard kit. If you fancy one, the colour you choose will affect how often your Pulsar needs cleaning and how quickly you’ll get it sold on the used market.

The Pulsar’s nine exterior paint options include two solid, six metallic and a single pearlescent shade, all offered on each of the model’s four trim levels. To understand the difference between different paint finished check out our car paint types guide.

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Solid colours

Alabaster White – £250

White’s always a safe bet for its ease and speed of resale – it’s among the UK’s most popular car colours. This version is a dazzling white, so bear in mind it’ll quickly get grubby, especially if you tend to cover high mileages.

Flame Red – £0

This pillar box red will add some vibrancy to your car without being too bright or bold. Red won’t sell quite as quickly as a monochrome car, but it’s not so outlandish that it’ll put people off. It should conceal motorway grime better than white but not quite as well as a darker colour.

Metallic colours

Metallic Black – £550

Black is another very popular shade so you’ll swiftly find a purchaser when the time comes to sell your Pulsar on. While darker colours generally conceal grime well, black bucks this trend. Steer clear of cheaper car washes that can leave unsightly swirl marks in their wake.

Azure – £525

This is a glossy, intense midnight blue that adds a little more colour than monochrome options. Blue generally gets snapped up quickly by UK car buyers, and this shade should prove no exception. It should do an average job of hiding everyday road grime.

Force Red – £550

This is a darker red than the Flame version, but it’s still a pretty colourful choice. There won’t be lengthy resales hold-ups but it won’t quite sprint off the forecourt like a black car will. Its darkness should mean it’ll last longer than Flame Red between car washes.

Bronze – £550

This is a distinctive grey/brown hue that will make your Pulsar stand out on the road. It’s not the most sought-after car colour on the used market, so it could take a little longer to sell on. It should conceal dirt better than any other option so will require the fewest car washes.

Starburst Silver – £550

This glossy pale silver will give your Pulsar a sophisticated, modern look. Silver beats many other colours in the popularity stakes, so you’ll quickly find a used buyer. Its lightness will mean dirt shows up very quickly, though, especially if your mileage is heavy.

Twilight Grey – £500

This smart-looking mid-spectrum grey will give your Nissan a smart, sober look. Grey cars typically sell well, so there ought to be no headaches when reselling. Dirt will stay hidden for a while thanks to its dark hue.

Pearl colours

Storm White – £745

This pearl-effect white will give your Pulsar a more elegant look than Alabaster White. Finding a used buyer should be easy thanks to this shade’s popularity but don’t expect to make back the extra cost of this finish. Like all whites, it’ll need very regular cleaning to stay looking good.

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