Top five alternatives to the Suzuki Vitara

October 06, 2015 by

The Suzuki Vitara is a compact SUV that’s cheap to buy and run. It costs from £14,000, so you get a lot of car for the money – it has room for five people, a decent sized boot and is capable off road.

It isn’t the most inspiring thing to look at though – if you’re more concerned with looks, there are plenty of rivals that offer a bit more style combined with the practicality that the Vitara offers.

Below you’ll find a list of what we think are the best alternative choice to the Suzuki Vitara. With so much choice on offer in this segment of the market, it wasn’t easy to make a short shortlist, but we’ve whittled it down to five. Remember to see how much you could save off a new Vitara with our car configurator.

Fiat 500X

The 500X is certainly the antidote to the Vitara’s lack of flair – this cool crossover is the largest car in the Fiat 500 range. It manages to keep the cute looks, but adds a healthy dose of practicality to proceedings. Having said that, it can’t compete with the Suzuki on size. This is apparent on the inside – the 500X’s boot space is 20 litres smaller than the Vitara’s and it’s harder to get into the back seats than in the Suzuki.

Build quality is is good though, and the retro trend is continued inside – a funky dashboard makes the 500X a nice place to be. This is something Suzuki just can’t compete with. There’s a nice range of engines too, although the all-wheel-drive 2.0 litre diesel engine is not as refined as other choices. If you regularly take a trip off the tarmac, the Suzuki would be the better choice here. Priced from around £14,500, our 500X configurator can help you save money on a new one.

Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti isn’t as cheap as the Suzuki – entry-level models cost the same as a mid-range Vitara SZ5. Excellent build quality and practicality make it a worthwhile alternative though – the all-wheel-drive model is fantastic in harsh conditions and you get a good choice of petrol and diesel engines. The best buy would be the 108hp 2.0-litre diesel which returns a decent 55mpg.

The styling is also a talking point – it’s certainly more interesting to behold than a Vitara. Being a relative of the Volkswagen brand will also ensure it holds its value well when you come to sell it on. The interior is well screwed together and gives you a feeling of quality that the Suzuki can’t quite match. If you think the Yeti could be for you, our configurator will help you find the one for you, at a price to suit.

Suzuki SX4 S-Cross

It’s unusual to find a manufacturer with two cars that compete against one another, but that’s what Suzuki appears to have done here. The SX4 S-Cross is very similarly priced to the Vitara and is a small, SUV crossover. There are differences to take into account when deciding between them though – the SX4 is just a bit smaller than the Vitara and rear passengers will find there’s less room. The boot isn’t as big either.

With the same 1.6-litre petrol and diesels on offer you’d expect the two to be very similar to drive and you’d be right – the main difference is fuel economy.The SX4 manages 56mpg fitted with the diesel unit, but the newer Vitara manages over 70. Just like its younger sibling you can spec the SX4 with two or four-wheel-drive. Choosing between the two is a matter of personal choice, but we have a handy guide to give you a more in-depth look at both of them. Remember to check these out with our our configurator to get the best offers direct from Suzuki’s dealer network.

Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubish’s ASX isn’t the most interesting thing to look at but it is a worthy alternative to the Vitara. You’ll find a range of efficient 1.6-litre petrol and diesels on offer, although it’s worth noting you can’t get an automatic gearbox with one. Costing from £15,595 it’s also a bit pricier than the Suzuki, but for that you get a good specification and an interior that’s a little bit more upmarket.

It offers a bigger boot with 416 litres on offer, and just like the Vitara it comes in either two or four-wheel-drive forms. Use our ASX configurator if you think it’s the one for you – you’ll receive offers from the UK’s best Mitsubishi dealers.

Renault Captur

At first glance the Captur appears smaller than the Vitara, but it’s in the same price range and offers just as much practicality. If you don’t particularly need four-wheel-drive, it’s a great car to consider. Economy is excellent too, with the diesel versions offering up to 76mpg.

Being a crossover means it keeps the high driving position, and the boot is marginally bigger than the Vitara’s too, with 377 litres of room. There’s slightly less room in the back for passengers but unless you regularly carry more than two rear passengers this shouldn’t be a worry. Styling-wise, it’s certainly a more contemporary-looking thing than the Vitara and is one of the quirkier crossovers available. Our Captur configurator will find you the best deals direct from leading Renault dealers.

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