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The Best Way to Sell a Car

There are many ways to sell a car, we look through the advantages and disadvantages for each method so you can find which would suit you best.

Advertising it online (Paying for it)

There are numerous websites where you can pay to sell your car online. Although some sites such as Autotrader are more expensive than their competitors, it’s likely more people will see your advert, therefore it should sell quicker.

Examples of these sites are -

Autotrader – £49 for an advert running for 6 weeks – £9.99 for an unlimited time

Fish4cars – £15 for 2 weeks

eBay – £15 plus an additional fee (that ranges) once you sell your car

Advantages – Likely to get the highest price for your car.

Disadvantages - Costs money. May take quite a while to sell your car. You’ll have to deal with any potential buyers and arranging times to meet them. Quite a few people complain that they get dodgy phone calls as a result of putting their adverts up on these kind of sites.

Conclusion – If you’re not in a hurry to sell, then it’s a good way to get a high price for your car. You’ll just have to put up with the hassle of dealing with potential buyers.

Advertising it online (For free)

There are a couple of good sites which you can sell your car on for free. They work in an almost identical way to their paid-for competitors, but cost you nothing!

Examples of these sites are -

Pistonheads – Great for selling sports/performance cars. Adverts seen by a lot of people.

Gumtree – Will be seen by lots of people, but not that easy for buyers to browse through.

Advantages – Free! Good way to get a high price for your car.

Disadvantages – Adverts will be seen by less people that those on paid-for sites. Dealing with interested buyers. Having to take and upload photos of your car.

Conclusion -  Much of the same advantages/disadvantages of paying for an online ad. If you’re not rushing to sell your car, then it’s a great method, and it should mean you can get a decent price.


Yes they have annoying adverts, and you can probably hear the song in your head now, but it can be a good way to sell your car.

On their site you have to enter all your car details and report any issues with your car. You can describe exactly where any scratches or dents are, the optional extras you have and the general condition of the interior. They’ll then give you the price they would pay for the car.

If you’re happy with the price you then have to arrange an appointment with their nearest branch. Once you’ve take it to them they’ll take a look at the car themselves. But, the price they offer may go down once they’ve assessed it.

Webuyanycar now have an American version too, if I was looking to Sell my car in the US then I’d check them out.

8/10 buyers get a better valuation on webuyanycar, try it to see what they pay for your

Advantages - Quick way to sell your car. Less hassle than selling it yourself.

Disadvantages - From research we’ve done, lots of people have found that once the company has seen the car the price offered is lower that the price online.

Conclusion – If you’re in rush to sell your car then it’s worth considering. Some people report that the price they are offered online is high, others report that they get offered very low prices. It doesn’t take too long to stick your details in though, so it’s worth trying.

Selling to a garage

Selling it to your local car garage can be a quick and easy way to get rid of your old car. Most local garages will give you a quote if you just turn up and let them have a quick look round your car.

Advantages – Hassle free. Deal can be done very quickly.

Disadvantages – Most likely to get less money for it than if you sold it privately. Hassle and time of driving to different garages to get a range of quotes.

Conclusion – If you want a deal done very quickly then it’s a good way to go. Expect a bit of haggling, but it’s probably the easiest way to sell your car.

Sell it to friends/family/colleagues

Selling it to someone you know can be a decent way to sell your used car, but could come back to haunt you!

Advantages – Knowing your car will go to a good home. Free method of selling it.

Disadvantages – Haggling with friends over the price. What happens if it breaks down 2 days after selling it?

Conclusion – Proceed with caution, it might ruin your friendship! Probably worth having a chat over what will happen and who will pay if the car develops a fault soon after selling it.

Selling it in your local paper/newsagent/classifieds

Sticking an advert in your local newspaper or classifieds can be a cheap way to get a good price for your car.

Advantages – Doesn’t cost too much.

Disadvantages - Advert will probably be seen by less people than online. Hassle of arranging the advert.

Conclusion – A decent way to get your advert seen by local buyers, but may take longer to sell your car than selling it online, as less people will see it. Not a good way of selling rare or expensive cars, as local demand won’t be very high for those sorts of car.

Once you’ve sold your car, come back to carwow so you can choose which new car to buy!

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