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Volkswagen Sharan colours guide and prices

The new Volkswagen Sharan is a seven-seat family MPV promising a great driving experience with a practical interior. If you’ve chosen the Sharan as your next car, and you’re trying to settle on a colour, your choice will affect both how easy it’ll be to sell, and how often you’ll be visiting the car wash.

In all, 11 colours are offered, including two non-metallic, seven metallic, one pearl and one special shade. The same paint options are available on all trims across the range.

Choose your perfect Volkswagen Sharan using our car configurator and get great prices from dealers across the UK. To discover what the difference is between solid, metallic and special finishes, read our car paint types guide.

Non-metallic colours

Urano Grey – £0

This dark, gunmetal shade is a smart choice that’s both sober and stylish. It’s highly practical given its ability to hide dirt for a long time. When it comes to selling, the popularity of grey vehicles means finding a buyer isn’t likely to take long.

Pure White – £260

White is one of the most popular colours around if you’re looking for a swift resale – it’s one of Britain’s most sought-after car shades. There’s just one rather obvious snag – every little spot of grime is going to be visible on your Sharan very quickly so be prepared to wash it often.

Metallic colours

Aztec – £540

This unusual Aztec paint is a dark olive hue which means finding a buyer for your car might take longer than you’d like. On the plus side, it should do an above average job of hiding the grime between trips to the car wash.

Crimson Red – £610

This is a maroon hue, with strong notes of purple. It’s dark and distinctive yet manages to be colourful while remaining restrained and tasteful. Although it’s not one of the UK’s more popular shades, it should sell on reasonably quickly and, as a darker colour, it should keep road grime concealed fairly well.

Dark Oak Brown – £540

This is another dark, distinctive shade that manages to be both smart and tasteful. It might not be for everyone, however, so bear in mind the potential impact this could have on resale speed. As a darker shade, Oak Brown should ensure dirt stays concealed for quite a long time, making it a very practical choice.

Hudson Bay Blue – £540

This is a mid-range blue that could work well if you are looking for a change from muted monochrome cars. It’s a pretty tasteful colour, too, and blue is very popular with British used car buyers. It should do an average job of hiding grubbiness between washes.

Indium Grey – £540

Grey is one of the most popular UK car colours after black and white, so finding a buyer for this shade is unlikely to be problematic. Additionally, it’s towards the darker end of the scale so will hide dirt well, making it a practical choice for regular motorway miles.

Night Blue – £540

A bolder, deeper blue than the Hudson Bay alternative, this smart-looking shade should be snapped up quickly when the time comes to sell it on. Although colourful, it’s quite dark, so you should get away with reasonably lengthy spells between cleans.

Reflex Silver – £540

Reflex Silver is a pale, brushed steel shade that looks classy and shouldn’t give you any drawn-out resale headaches. The only downside is likely to be its lightness, which could mean you’ll be cleaning it more regularly than other colours.

Pearl colours

Deep Black – £540

A classic car colour, this glossy black will be one of the easiest to sell on. Just one word of warning – while most darker colours hide dirt well, black is the exception. Be sure to avoid cheaper car washes, which can leave unsightly swirl marks behind.

Special colours

Oryx White – £1,210

This is a very glossy off-white that’ll give your Sharan an elegant appearance and should be hassle-free in terms of selling-on. As you’d expect, though, dirt will make its presence felt very quickly, so brace yourself for regular washes. It’s a very expensive finish so don’t expect to make your money back when you come to sell it on.

Save money on your new Volkswagen Sharan

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