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2014 Volkswagen Scirocco dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes


As Volkswagen draws closer to replacing the Mk5 Golf-based Scirocco coupe with more up-to-date underpinnings, it has given the model range one last refresh to keep it at the sharp end.

We’re taking a look at the dimensions of the facelift car – will it fit in with your lifestyle?

Exterior dimensions


The good news here is that if you already have a Volkswagen Scirocco, the new one won’t cause you any significant upheaval because it’s exactly the same size as the old one. This puts it at almost exactly the same length as the current Golf, while being around an inch lower and about half that wider.

Due to some differences in bodywork, the top specification “R” model is marginally shorter and a little wider than the other models in the range and, with the sports suspension, a little closer to the ground too.

Overall length – 4,256mm (R 4,248mm)
Overall width (excluding wing mirrors) – 1,810mm (R 1,820mm)
Overall width (including wing mirrors) – 2,080mm
Overall height – 1,406mm (R 1,398mm)
Wheelbase – 2,578mm

Interior dimensions


The facelift Scirocco is similarly unchanged on the inside. The older base for the coupe means you’ll notice a lack of head and legroom compared to the current Golf, but it’s merely cosy rather than cramped. Rear-seat passengers may be a little less enthused by the relatively meagre amount of legroom in the back.

Opting for a sun-roofed model means a reduction in available effective headroom by 3mm in the front and 1mm in the back, which really isn’t worth complaining about unless you’re already scraping your scalp on the roof liner.

Front headroom – 953mm
Front legroom – 1061mm
Rear headroom – 924mm
Rear legroom – 820mm

Load space


For a coupe – even a hatchback coupe – the Scirocco’s luggage-carrying ability is pretty good. Again, it’s a little less than its more staid Golf stablemate, but 312 litres is the equal of many proper family hatchbacks. It’s a little less impressive when the rear seats drop, losing out around 20% by comparison to regular hatches – and watch out for that narrow boot opening. It’s worth noting that the top of the bumper that’s exposed when you open the boot is quite soft plastic and dents easily, so be careful not to rest loads as you slide them into the boot.

Despite the car’s Golf origins, the Scirocco is not rated for towing and there is no tow bar available, but it will take a roof load of up to 75kg.

Boot space (seats up) – 312 litres
Boot space (seats down) – 1,006 litres
Roof load – 75kg

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity


The Scirocco will twirl between kerbs in an 11m circle – around three lanes’ width. This means a cheeky U-turn on a dual carriageway in case of satnav failure is within your reach, but you’re going to need reverse gear if you get stuck down a side street.

There’s a 55-litre fuel tank as standard across the fleet, giving you a 530-810 mile range depending on engine and enthusiasm for pushing the accelerator, although this drops to 425 miles for the fizzier Scirocco R.

Turning circle – 11m
Fuel tank – 55 litres



With the big diesel engine on board, the Scirocco gets close to 1.4 tonnes and the top spec, 276hp R actually nudges past it. Smaller petrol offerings barely trouble the scales at 1,280kg and almost all cars will accept around 400kg of extra people and stuff.

Kerb weight – 1,280-1,426kg
Gross vehicle weight – 1,680-1,800kg

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