carwow vs your local dealer

Our aim at carwow is to give you the best possible new-car buying experience. We believe the normal way of buying a new car is a frustrating, time consuming and difficult process.

Here’s why we think buying through a dealer on carwow is better than buying the old fashioned way.

Better savings than your local dealer

We negotiate big discounts with senior managers in return for the huge volume of sales we provide.

When you go to your local dealer you buy from a showroom floor salesperson who can’t offer the same discount since their commission is built into the price of your car. We bypass this!

Offers received from dealers on carwow are always upfront, there are never any hidden costs.

Better buying experience than your local dealer

Car dealers generally don’t have a great reputation which is why carwow handpicks only the best dealers who provide outstanding customer service, get great reviews from our buyers and don’t put any pressure on you to buy.

With carwow you save time and effort as there’s no need to travel round dealerships wasting hours haggling just to achieve a worse price.

You’ll always have peace of mind that you’re buying from an excellent dealer.

Official UK main dealers

Just like your local dealer, dealers on carwow are all official UK dealers with showrooms you can visit. In fact, your local dealer may actually be a carwow dealer!

Just like buying from your local dealer you’ll get the same warranty, and your local dealer will still welcome you to have your car serviced with them since that’s how they get most of their profit.

Save money on your next car

Pop over to the carwow car chooser to narrow down the 400+ cars on sale to the right one for you, then click the ‘get offers’ button to get deals from the UK’s best dealers.