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Creating the best new car buying experience

We’re a driven, energetic team changing new car buying in Britain. We’re growing quickly and always looking for proactive, motivated people, so apply through our jobs page if you’re interested in becoming a part of our central London-based team.

Founding team

Favourite Car
Jaguar F-Type
James Hind

James is the big boss of carwow, so it’s hardly a surprise that cars are one of his biggest passions. He studied Finance but was put off a city career after just 2 months of trying one.

He’s very competitive, especially when it comes to ping pong at the office. He invented the rule that if anyone loses a game 11-0 they have to buy donuts for the entire team!

Favourite Car
Porsche 356 Spyder
Alexandra Margolis
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Ensuring our users have a ‘wow’ experience from their very first visit through buying a car is Alex’s goal.

Born in Stockholm, Alex is hugely inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. If she’s not improving and simplifying the user experience, Alex acts as team nutritionist bemoaning the constant flow of donuts. She also loves exploring London for the best eats.

Favourite Car
Mercedes SLK55 AMG
David Santoro
Co-Founder, CTO

When it comes to coding, David has actual Jedi skills. He built the original carwow platform single handedly and now leads our dev team. He’s also responsible for keeping us all caffeinated with the finest freshly roasted coffee he can source.

David is father to baby Cecilia, practices martial arts and constantly wows us all with his magic tricks.

Our investors

Balderton Capital

Betfair, LOVEFiLM, Citymapper, MySQL


Facebook, Spotify, Dropbox, Groupon

Episode 1

Zoopla, Shazam, LOVEFiLM

Samos Investments

Ocado, Betfair, PKR

Favourite Car
Lamborghini Diablo SV
John Miele
Sales Director

John has an MSc in Astrophysics, which proves handy on a daily basis…

Besides running the dealer side of carwow, you’ll often find him down in the pub (or on TV!) winning the pub quiz, collecting an obscene number of pool trophies, or strumming his guitar for a captive audience. He and his wife have a new mini-Miele who keeps them up all hours of the night.

Favourite Car
Submarine Lotus Esprit S1
Federico Rebora
Principal Developer

Federico built video games in 5 different countries before we convinced him to settle in the UK and join the carwow team. He’s an incredibly fast developer who helps build the features our users and dealers love.

Fede loves to travel! Last summer he drove 4200 Kilometers across Europe in a 20 year old camper van with his brother, and is now planning his next adventure.

Favourite Car
McLaren P1
Ken Fassone
Principal Developer

Ken recently returned to London after spending four years living and working all over Germany. Though he misses the food and nightlife, he’s happy to be back among friends and family.

His past experiences include working in Japan for three months, risking his life on a sailboat with his father, and finishing the ToughMudder. He enjoys cooking, photography, magic, and especially loves homemade tiramisu.

Favourite Car
Lamborghini Centenario
Rafael Mazza
Senior Developer

Thanks to Rafael, we’ve now got three and a half Italian developers! Rafael is half Brazilian and half Italian, but grew up in sunny Brazil.

He used to play drums in a rock band, but these days he devotes his free time to travelling and learning about different cultures. He’s always planning upcoming adventures, so let him know if you’ve got any suggestions!

Favourite Car
Mazda MX-5
Russell Campbell
News Editor

Russell keeps the carwow editorial pages packed full of fresh news. He’s worked for some of the country’s biggest titles writing about everything from supercars to classic cars.

A downhill mountain biker at heart, recently he’s swapped baggy shorts for the skin-tight lycra of the road-bike scene. But we don’t talk about that…

Favourite Car
Ford Mustang 390 GT '68
Gary Robinson
Senior Product Manager

Gary figures out how to make things better for our customers. He works on optimising the experience of the website and emails to encourage visitors to sign up and purchase. In the past, he’s built similar services for digital businesses in recruitment, education & accounting.

He has the least enviable commute – all the way from Chichester! – and loves the Chicago Bears and good coffee.

Favourite Car
The Chavalier
Boyan Marinov
Editorial Associate

Boyan makes sure the carwow car reviews are as accurate, helpful and informative as possible. He’s from Bulgaria, has studied Spanish and has a degree in Journalism and Media in English.

Apart from reading about anything with an engine, Boyan likes to spend his time driving other people’s cars and watching cat videos on YouTube. He also wrote this description about himself in the third person.

Favourite Car
DeLorean DMC-12
Federico Toscano
Senior Developer

Federico (also known as Fede 2) joined carwow as a developer, having previously worked on mobile gaming, military communication protocols and computer vision.

Fede was born in Florence and lived in Brussels before he joined carwow. Fede has been playing guitar since he was 15, he is addicted to watching TV shows and he is also very good at card magic tricks.

Favourite Car
BMW i8
Vipin Sharma
Accounts Receivable

Vipin works in Accounts Receivable and is in charge of chasing any unpaid debts.

As well as being the fussiest eater at carwow, Vipin enjoys playing chess and sudoku or he can be found hiding in a sauna. Vipin is currently learning how to speak Lithuanian – Geros Dienos!

Favourite Car
Bugatti Veyron
Taylor Bowley
Key Partnership Manager

Taylor left a job in sales to join the Account Management Team at carwow. Although he spends all day talking about cars, Taylor doesn’t actually know how to drive!

Taylor plays football semi-professionally and his dream is to own Arsenal Football Club. 

Favourite Car
Tesla Model X
Akash Bhalla
Director of Engineering

Akash originally joined us as a contractor, but loved carwow so much that he stayed on full time! He has nine years of experience in engineering and has worked all over the world. As our Director of Engineering, he works with David to hire and lead our Engineering team.

He’s our only developer that doesn’t like coffee, though the others are working hard to convert him to a caffeine addict. He dreams of having his own restaurant somewhere sunny one day.

Favourite Car
Aston Martin DB9 GT
Danny Digpal
Dealer Partnership Manager

Using his years of experience, namely 7 years as an Account Manager, Danny helps our carwow dealers to make sure they are getting the most from carwow on a daily basis.

Cut this man and he bleeds claret and blue, the iron in there is undeniable. If you want to have a footy chat, Danny is your guy. Self-confessed charmer of the office, Danny is the father of a beautiful baby boy, soon to be West Ham’s number one fan. At the weekends you can find Danny walking his 2 Jack Russells with his family in town.

Favourite Car
Lamborghini Countach
Joe Hedges
Strategic Partnership Management

Joe used to work as a car salesman for various manufacturers but he now helps our dealerships sell more through carwow instead. Originally from Dorset, he’s relatively new to London having lived here for just over a year after moving back to the UK from Australia and New Zealand where he had a few jobs – the most notable of these working on a cotton farm in the outback!

Joe loves his sport, especially Rugby Union and at one time was the fastest schoolboy in Dorset, having run the 100m in 11.03 seconds!

Favourite Car
Ford Mustang GT
Marvin Witter
Operational Excellence Manager

Marvin is one of our Account Managers, looking after some of the UK’s biggest brands for us. An Arsenal fanatic, Marvin plays on the office team – carwow afc – and is the obvious chief organiser of carwow’s weekly football matches.

In the rare moments Marvin can be torn away from football, he has shown himself to be a man of many talents. A natural entertainer, he plays the steel pan – which he has performed at Notting Hill Carnival – and used to enter talent shows regularly.

Favourite Car
Pontiac Aztek
Sara Kheir
Key Partnership Manager

Sara spends her day keeping our dealers happy, and making sure our users have access to the best deals on the market. If you can’t find her at desk, she is probably hiding from the office dog as the pair share a mutual dislike.

Sara loves to travel and experience as many cultures as possible, mostly through their food. While Rio de Janeiro is her favorite destination, she would be just as happy anywhere with a vibrant street food scene.

Favourite Car
Jaguar F-Type
Cai Davies
Senior Designer

Cai works in the design team, making sure the site looks and works great. A natural talent, he has had his work displayed at the London Design Festival, and in the London Design Museum.

Outside work, Cai is an avid musician and vegetarian food aficionado. However, his true love is West Brom, who he used to spend 7 hours travelling to watch play every other week. If that is not commitment, we don’t know what is.

Favourite Car
Jaguar F-Type SVR
Craig Charles
Business Development Manager

Craig is an avid car lover and began his career in the automotive industry before he could drive, buying and selling cars at just 15 years old! He now works on our Business Development team, growing our dealer network.

Originally from Malta, Craig takes relaxing to the extreme. Aside from the standard stuff – watching sport, movies, and reading – he lets his hair down by boxing, and occasionally cliff jumping.

Favourite Car
Fiat Coupe
Nick Lette Van Oostvoorne
Staff Writer

Nick works in the content team and is always ready to write anything from news stories to buying guides at a moment’s notice.

He studied for a master’s degree in car design and spent an unhealthy amount of time working with clay and fibreglass in the process (we don’t think it had a lasting effect on him!)  He’s a keen skier, more suited to dry-slopes than mountainsides, and has competed at a national level twice.

Favourite Car
Porsche 911 Turbo
Alex Rose
International Trading Director

Having previously worked for a car manufacturer, a media owner and another automotive start-up business, Alex comes with plenty of industry experience (and car geekery) in his locker.

Outside of work he can be found keeping a modern classic / backstreet banger on the road, and tearing his hair out at the Emirates Stadium. Alex is also one of two known duck-allergy cases in the UK!

Favourite Car
Fiat 126P
Mat Watson
Editorial Director

Mat is in charge of carwow’s editorial team and spends most of his time driving cars and saying things about them to a camera, mostly online for our video reviews but also on TV.

As well as being a motoring journalist for more than 12 years, Mat’s also a qualified chartered accountant and has a degree in Chemistry. So if you want to know what a particular model is like to drive, how much it will cost to run and the chemical equation for fossil fuel combustion… he’s your man.

Favourite Car
His own BMW E36 328
Jack Scotton
Senior Camera Operator

Jack is our camera operator and editor – which means you can find him hunched over an iMac or lifting back-breaking camera gimbal’s to get the perfect angle of Mat’s jawline.

In his free time when he isn’t recovering, he’s drifting his car or repairing it. He also likes buying cheap tat at car boot sales.

Favourite Car
Lamborghini Murcielago SV
Giorgio Galvan
Data Scientist

Hailing from Italy, Giorgio grew up in a city near Venice called Vicenza and went to university in the island where he studied economics. He joined as a finance intern but then joined our Data Science team full-time as an Analyst.

When he is not wrangling data or beating Adam Ruaux at table tennis, he can be seen either spending too much in good restaurants in London, supporting the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA or Juventus F.C. in football.

Favourite Car
Audi R8
Jessica Austin
People Team Advisor

After completing a BSc in Biological Sciences, Jess originally joined carwow as an intern but enjoyed her time so much that she decided to stay on as a full-time employee. She is now a key part of our people team, intent on making carwow the best place to work in the world.

Despite previously working as a roller girl – and the considerable balance this required – Jess is the clumsiest person in the office. It is not uncommon for people to run if they see her walking around with a hot drink.

Favourite Car
Audi R8
Jon Etty
Key Partnership Manager

Jon is one of our Business Development Managers, working on prospecting new partners and building relationships with our dealers. Born and bred in Merseyside, he completed a degree in Management at Lancaster University before heading down to London 3 years ago.

Jon is a massive Liverpool fan, and holds the self-proclaimed – but still unenviable – title of most one footed footballer to ever grace the Liverpool Saturday leagues. He hopes to be the owner of an Audi R8 within the next 5 years.

Favourite Car
BUBU 502
Mike Wagg
Tech Director

Mike joins carwow as a Tech Lead and has fourteen years of experience as a developer, previously having worked at, ThoughtWorks, Kelkoo and Lonely Planet.

He’s the founder and only member of the Linux fan club at carwow and thinks that MacBooks are soon a thing of the past. Probably one of the most helpful Tech Leads in London, he’s mostly busy improving the dealer-facing side of carwow.

Favourite Car
Jaguar E-type
Harry Warne
Account Director

As one of our Strategic Relationships Managers, Harry looks after our senior contacts within our dealer network. Before carwow he worked at the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Harry loves both playing and watching sport. You’ll often find him at Lords or Stamford Bridge. He also enjoys the odd book, a bit of history, a few ales, Radiohead and film.


Favourite Car
Opel Manta
Swantje Maas
PPC Manager

When she is not Managing PPC for carwow Germany, or polishing the bumper of her prized Land Rover Defender, Swantje can be found swanning around Hampstead and Westminster hockey club, which she has captained for 9 years.

Mad about cars – the more mods, the better – Swantje spends the weekends at car shows, rally days, and  zipping around the Nordschleife. She’s also the only cockney German in the office, “Auf Wiedersehen, innit!’

Favourite Car
Smart Fortwo
Stephen Lloyd
Engineering Manager

As one of our resident coding boffins, Stephen works within our development team to make sure carwow is constantly improving. He is so committed that he fills the hours on his houseboat home by reading, breathing, and dreaming software.

That is not to say he spends much time at home. An avid traveller, Stephen has set  himself a target of visiting three new countries a year, and is well on the way to being a connoisseur of culture.

Favourite Car
Porsche 911 933
Toby Hingston
Key Partnership Manager

Toby used to work at a Ford dealership as an end user of carwow, and loved us so much that he decided to join us at carwow HQ. He now plays a key role in growing our dealer network.

When Toby isn’t spreading the benefits of carwow, he likes trying out swanky restaurants and going on a good ski holiday (much to the envy of the office).

Favourite Car
Aston Martin DBS V12
Martin Boyd
Key Partnership Manager

Martin is our Scotland Sales Manager, helping to grow the carwow network in the Scottish regions. To him, this is a tame challenge as he used to be a submariner in the Royal Navy, working as Leading Weapons Engineer in the torpedo compartment on nuclear subs.

A keen runner, Martin already has multiple Tough Mudder headbands and has completed two marathons. He can be found most weekends hill walking the Munros, or if the weather does not allow that, indulging in political dramas.

Favourite Car
Porsche 997
Andrew Hooks

A lifelong petrolhead with a passion for technology, Andrew has spent most of the last decade working in the digital automotive sector – as Director of Motors at Gumtree and Head of Motors at eBay. As one of the (few) old men of the office, he is hoping to bring some of that experience to bear at carwow!

When not obsessing about cars, he can typically be found bemoaning the fortunes of his beloved Plymouth Argyle, and making excuses for their sixth consecutive season in the Football League’s basement division.

Favourite Car
Fiat Multipla
Bryony Snelling
B2B Comms & Events Manager

Bryony has just completed her MA in Literature and Film and has now joined us to try something outside the world of fiction. She still enjoys a regular trip to the cinema and is especially keen on those passing the Bechdel test!

After experimenting at University Bryony discovered Korfball, a Dutch mixed sport similar to Basketball, and is keen to join the London Korf scene. She also loves outdoor food festivals which combine the (rare) British sun and unique culinary experiences.

Favourite Car
Alfa Romeo Disco Volante
Benjamin Hunt
Trading Manager

A former carwow intern, Benjamin is now part of the Trading Team, and spends his days turning our data in to actionable insights.

When he is not neck deep in data, Benjamin is typically found around the coffee machine, or struggling with his addiction to the Pret a Manger menu. He hopes to one day become a professional Gin taster, or Director of Rugby at Harlequins, both he considers reasonably realistic.

Favourite Car
Fiat 500 '57
Alex Carley
Strategic Partnership Manager

Alex is one of our account managers, and makes sure dealers are offering the best service to our users. He’s a big Manchester United supporter and can regularly be found watching them everywhere from Aldershot to Istanbul.

He’s a keen cyclist and often does a quick 50km round Regent’s Park before work. When he’s not cycling he’s usually out and about adding to his growing list of favourite restaurants and pubs.

Favourite Car
BMW i3
Phil Bensley
Revenue Manager

Phil makes sure our dealers have all they need to make the most of carwow. He has been in the motor trade industry since leaving university with a degree in Business.

He’s a true Northerner from sunny Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and when he’s not busy with cars, you’ll find him running through the streets of London. Phil likes nothing more than getting back to Newcastle where he can enjoy a few drinks in the sunshine along the city’s historic quayside.


Favourite Car
Aston Martin DB3
Anson Kelly
Principal Developer

Anson is interested in all things technical, and has worked in various development roles for startups across the UK.

After leaving the wild greenery of New Zealand behind eight years ago, Anson now makes use of London’s transport links to travel around Europe and beyond. 

Most days you’ll find him “making computers do things”, and bingeing alternately on tea and coffee.

Favourite Car
Aston Martin Vanquish
James Pollard
Leasing Operations Manager

A self-proclaimed Jack of all trades, James is part of the Account Management team, working to make sure dealers and users get the best from our site.

One of the few northerners in the office, James more than makes up for this deficiency with all the friendliness, and volume, you would expect. In his spare time James plays guitar and several sports, including football, tennis, and darts.

Favourite Car
Nissan GTR
Despina Dokoupilova
Product Manager

Despina is the perfect recipe for a carwow product manager – she’s combined her love of cars with a passion for taking the pain out of processes for users. Des has a proven track record of designing and executing product development with the customer at the heart. She’s previously worked with BMW, AA, Sainsbury’s and eBay.

When she’s not working she’s out driving her beloved new grey Ford Focus RS.

Favourite Car
Citroen Berlingo Multispace
Will Jackson
Strategic Partnership Management

Fresh from a couple of years in Australia, Will is adapting to the London life. Having come from a sales background, he’s enjoying the challenge of Account Management and driving his brands forward. He delivers results, delivers sales and delivers chat.

Will likes rugby on the weekends and previously worked as a beekeeper.

Favourite Car
Mazda Bongo Friendee
Miriam Grant
Management Accountant

Miriam works in our Finance team while training to be an accountant.

If she ever has any free time, you’ll find her searching London for the best vegan eats, watching crime dramas or trying to prove she is northern, despite the strong southern accent. 


Favourite Car
Łada 2105
Jack Burrows
Product Manager

Jack joined as a Junior Product Manager from PwC where he worked as a Customer Consultant. He’s applying his expertise to help the User Acquisition team at carwow.

Outside of work, Jack can be found playing rugby, running around London or belting out a song from his favourite musical Les Misérables.

Favourite Car
Subaru Impreza STi 22B
Samantha James
Video Producer

With five years’ experience across Europe creating 4K videos for the automotive industry, Samantha can now proudly say she’s part of the team that is ranked #1 for consumer car reviews on YouTube.

As an animal lover, her house (farmyard) contains everything from your typical dogs, cats and bunnies to the more unusual snake, tarantula and dog-sized pony. When she’s not spending time with her animals she enjoys a good country lane in her Subaru Impreza Turbo or go-karting with friends. 

Favourite Car
BMW 507
Hugo Brown
Strategic Partnership Management

Hugo works in the account management team, making sure dealers are happy with carwow and maximising its potential for the benefit of their businesses. An avid car fan from an early age, Hugo joined carwow so he can talk all things cars every day.

Outside of cars, he has a passion for playing football and following Liverpool FC , as well as golf and tennis. After completing a Master’s Degree in Finance, Hugo spent four years in the City setting up an executive search business.

Favourite Car
1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
Mike Krzywinski
Senior Developer

Mike is often mistaken to be Canadian, due to his mix of accents originating from his stint living in the US as well as a decade spent living in the UK. Don’t be fooled; he is in fact Polish.

When he’s not in front of his laptop, he can be found enjoying the great outdoors, traversing mountains looking for fresh pow on his snowboard, and hiking trails less taken or soaking up the sun on a sandy beach. The rest of the time he’s either watching NFL, playing video games, drinking craft beer or exploring London foodie destinations.

Favourite Car
Ford Explorer XLT '92 'Jurassic Park'
Vincent Navetat
Senior Front-End Developer

As a front-end developer, Vincent bridges the gap between designers and engineers, making sure the carwow website offers the best user experience across devices and browsers.

Having lived in Paris, Montreal, and Vancouver for 10 years, he finally moved to London four years ago. In his spare time, you’ll find Vincent travelling all over the world, hiking, drawing and painting, swimming and reading graphic novels.

Favourite Car
Alfa Romeo Disco Volante
Gareth Thomas
Lead Product Designer

Gareth is part of the product design team. He is experienced in digital and branding design for lifestyle brands with a fine eye for end-to-end service design. 

His creativity lives outside the office too as a keen amateur chocolatier, creating chocolate bars and truffles from scratch. He took the #1 and #2 spot during our last Easter bake off, and – luckily for us – we’re often asked to be taste testers for his new creations!

Favourite Car
Volvo 850 T5 BTCC
Charles Butler
Trading Executive

Charles is one of our account executives who supports the account managers in their day-to-day duties as well as managing his own dealer portfolio. Charles originally joined us as an intern on the content team.

Outside of work, Charles enjoys playing football as well as following his beloved Chelsea. Having studied Motorsport Engineering at university, Charles loves nothing more than watching races, going two-stroke karting, or racing people in his tuned Volvo estate.

Favourite Car
Tesla Model S
Jason Wong
Head Of Talent

Jason has over 10 years experience in tech recruitment and has recruited for start up companies as well as global corporations. He spent the majority of his time growing Software Development teams in the London Tech community. In addition, he also spent 10 months in Melbourne where he recruited for digital agencies and software consultancies whilst travelling around Asia and Australia.

Jason loves travelling, exploring, learning about different cultures and he can’t wait to see more of this world.

Favourite Car
Audi RS6
Ignacio Gomez
Data Analyst

Before joining carwow, Ignacio spent a year working as a consultant in India and travelling around Asia. Now he works with our data team and helps them make sense of the huge amount of data carwow produces.

When he isn’t working you can find either playing football or trying to cook Spanish food for his friends.

Favourite Car
Mercedes 450SL
Laura Bamber
Graphic Designer

Having spent the past four years freelancing, Laura has worked for a diverse range of companies, from creative agencies and branding consultancies to fashion and retail brands, music studios and art galleries.

With a previous career designing jewellery, she worked for brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Dinny Hall, before transitioning to graphic design. When she’s not designing you can find her checking out London’s bars and indulging in carwow’s official drink – the Negroni.

Favourite Car
Renault Clio V6
Alex Messant
Key Partnership Manager

Alex joins the Account Management team on the back of a stint travelling through Central America. A few of his highlights include releasing newborn turtles into the sea and even hiking up an active volcano.

Before that, he worked in sales for BMW in Bath which gave him a great understanding of how dealerships operate. When he’s not hard at work he likes to explore London as much as possible – which includes regular visits to the Emirates Stadium to watch the mighty Arsenal.

Favourite Car
Audi Q5
Julie McCue
Regional Sales Manager

Julie just moved from Manchester, and is excited to see the different places London has to offer. She’s our Business Development Manager in charge of leasing and has been in the automotive industry for the past five years.

In her spare time, she loves to hit the pubs and try out new restaurants because she’s a big foodie. She’s lived all over the world and her favourite city so far is Brisbane.

Favourite Car
Audi RS6 Avant
Sam Hopps
Strategic Partnership Management

Sam recently joined the account management team, from a previous career in vehicle rental.

When he’s not helping carwow dealerships perform at their best, he’s usually travelling, barbecuing, or getting involved in some kind of adventure sport!

Favourite Car
Nissan R35 GTR
Rez Mellar
Key Partnership Manager

Rez is part of the Account Management team. He’s a big car enthusiast and currently drives a 350z & RX8. When not doing something car related, you’ll find him at the gym or playing football.

He’s a big Chelsea FC fan and worked at the club printing replica/player shirts whilst at uni. He’s looking forward to one day owning an R35 GTR.

Favourite Car
Renault 4
Vanessa Lenssen
Head of Innovation

Vanessa loves travel, tech and big ideas. She heads up innovation with a focus on turning ideas into solutions to add value right the way across the business both for now and far into the future.

Before joining carwow, Vanessa spent over 20 years in the travel industry, and founded two travel businesses and two restaurants in Ibiza. She’s crazy about travel, especially trips where you learn something new.

Favourite Car
Porsche 911 '65
Rob McEwan
Strategic Partnership Manager

Coming from a background in Tech Recruitment, Rob is now part of the Account Management Team. He loves cars and Tech, so carwow was ideal for his next move.

He’s the only South African at carwow and prior to moving to London he’s also sailed across the Atlantic, twice. Besides rugby, he also loves travelling and is always looking to book his next adventure.

Favourite Car
Morris Minor
Rory Franklin
Engineering Manager

After eight years building software for the advertising industry, Rory decided to join the development team at carwow to work with a great team and help people save money buying cars.

In his spare time he is slowly working his way through an ever-growing list of non-programming books to help him sound smarter than he actually is in conversations.

Favourite Car
BMW 507
Pete Hirst
Account Manager

After five years working on the classics side of cars, Pete has made the switch to modern cars by becoming part of the account management team.

Originally from Lincoln, he moved to London 6 years ago and enjoys exploring the city in his spare time. Pete also likes to travel and lists America, Vietnam and Italy as recent trips.

Favourite Car
Porsche 911 GT3
Hasan Nergiz
Head of Manufacturer Proposition

Having worked at different automotive brands in various countries for over a decade, Turkish-born Hasan decided to join us to develop the carwow proposition and strategy for car manufacturers.

A world traveller, basketball fan and car fanatic, Hasan also enjoys exploring the culinary experiences London has to offer.

Favourite Car
Tesla Model S
Jonny Campbell
Senior Designer

Jonny joins the product design team from Belfast. Previous to joining the team at carwow he co-founded a company that made robots that brew beer, and was a university design lecturer. He’s quite proud of the fact he made it onto a ‘Thirty Under 30’ list with just five days to spare.

When he’s not in the office you’ll find Jonny traveling, going to gigs, hunting for new craft beers and brewing them when he gets the chance.


Favourite Car
Ford Taurus Wagon
Jessica Loeb
Dealer Partnership Manager

Jess landed at carwow after living and working in Australia where she worked on an asparagus farm and sheared sheep. She enjoys attending her local pottery class with a glass of rosé to finish. She was once a famous child actor starring in ads for Lego, Hobnobs and Ribena all before the age of 7. She gave up her dream of being an actress at the age of 16 after dislocating her hip in a paragliding landing.

Jess works on our account management team taking care of dealers in Wales and the Midlands.

Favourite Car
Ford Mustang Fastback '68
Florence Bishop
Strategic Partnerships Manager

Having spent the past five years selling cars, Florence joined the account management team to help dealers make the most of carwow. Florence loves classic cars and owns a BMW convertible that’s almost the same age as she is.

In her spare time Florence enjoys tap dancing and eating. Not at the same time.

Favourite Car
Honda Integra Type R
Bernice Bailey
Office Manager

Office Manager Bernice works hard to ensure we scale up without screwing up – this involves anything from fixing broken toilet doors to planning our incredible company social events.

After moving to London, Bernice caught the travelling bug and has visited Canada, the Caribbean, toured Europe and also covered 10 states of America in three months. When she’s at home, Bernice enjoys going to gigs and trying all the culinary delights than London offers.

Favourite Car
Tesla Model S
Pedro Chambino

Pedro moved to London from sunny Porto to join carwow as a developer. He previously worked for Triggerise, building products to promote health-related services.

He enjoys watching space related sci-fi tv shows as well as playing indie video games and board games. Outside the living room, he can be found tasting craft beers and occasionally rock climbing.

Favourite Car
Mercedes-Benz G Wagon
Ulkar Nusratli
Dealer Partnership Manager

After graduating with a degree in Media Studies, Ulkar has joined carwow as an Account Executive supporting the account management team.

Originally from Azerbaijan, but raised in London, she speaks Azeri, Russian and English fluently. Outside of work you’ll find Ulkar singing and travelling, having recently been to Prague, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Favourite Car
Chevrolet SSR
Alyx Gregory
Key Partnership Manager

Alyx graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Sports Science. After deciding she wasn’t up for dealing with smelly locker rooms and broken limbs, she travelled the world volunteering in elephant sanctuaries in India and surfing in Bali. After her adventures she joined carwow to help our dealers get the most out of the site.

Nowadays you’ll find Alyx in London where she loves walking tours and exploring every bottomless brunch the city has to offer.

Favourite Car
Honda Element
Steven Hamilton

Steven arrived in London after spending four years working in Glasgow as a web developer in the automotive industry. He studied applied computing at the University of Dundee, and has joined carwow as part of the stock team.

Originally from the Orkney Islands, he enjoys travelling, cooking (he does a mean lasagna), reading, and playing video games. He also has an ever-growing collection of vinyl records that’s getting a bit out of control…

Favourite Car
Aston Martin Lagonda
Stephan Clavel
Head of CRM

Stephan’s main goal is to improve relationships with our customers and make sure we communicate with them in the most relevant ways.

He’s lived and worked in some rather sunny places, such as France, Spain, Mexico, California and Gibraltar, but decided that London was definitely the place to be.

Favourite Car
Batmobile Tumbler
James Young
Trading Manager

James is part of our Trading team and loves getting involved with analysis.  Before joining carwow, he gained a Masters degree in Engineering and began his career in finance.

A keen petrol-head, he learnt to fly helicopters at 17, meaning he is a man to stick close to when a zombie invasion strikes! When not buzzing around in the sky, you may find him passionately discussing pandas or watching re-runs of top gear

Favourite Car
Mitsuoka Orochi
Bobby Kasabi
Accounts Receivable

Bobby recently finished university with a Business Economics degree which included a placement year in the supply chain department for Vauxhall Motors. He works in our finance team working with our partner dealers to bring in the money owed to carwow.

When he’s not doing that, you can find him playing and watching football, or sampling London’s finest piña colada.

Favourite Car
Ford Galaxy
Chris Treacy
Key Partnership Manager

Chris has had a varied working life so far – he qualified as a PE teacher before leaving education for a career in the automotive industry as a Sales Executive and later a Business Manager.

Outside of work, Chris plays American football, hockey, cricket and also has a love/hate relationship with his local golf course! As well as playing, Chris also supports Manchester United in football and follows the New York Giants in the NFL.

Favourite Car
Singer 911
Felix Gardner
Trading Executive

Although Felix graduated with a degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, he likes cars much more than circuits, so joined carwow as an Account Executive.

Felix was born in New York State and worked for an automotive diagnostics company and as a photographer before joining carwow. He loves classic Porsches, The Simpsons and random facts.

Favourite Car
Audi RS3
Gavin Kemp
Junior Front End Developer

Gavin was born and bred in Belfast and recently graduated Ulster University with a degree in Interactive Multimedia Design. The degree also included a placement year at a Belfast advertising agency. He has now joined the carwow team as a front-end developer.

When Gavin isn’t building cool things on the internet, he can be found exploring the streets of London like an eternal tourist.

Favourite Car
Aixam Scouty R
Jade Dickinson
Junior Developer

Jade joins carwow from SARD, a company based at the top of a hill in Crystal Palace, which inspired her master’s project – an app that generates the least tiring walking routes.

She is learning to scuba dive, and can often be found looking for the office dogs. Otherwise, she likes to listen to hip hop, cook and try out new restaurants.

Favourite Car
His Own BMW E46 M3
Roberto La Greca

Roberto moved to London from sunny Edinburgh to join carwow as a Junior Developer.

Roberto is a gym rat, petrol head (he owns a BMW E46 M3 which is his pride and joy) and is also a season ticket holder for Celtic FC.

Favourite Car
Chevrolet Camaro SS '69
Souvik Das
Senior Trading Manager

Souvik joined carwow from American Express where he worked as a Pricing Manager. Prior to this role, he has also worked as a Pricing Analyst and Partner Manager at Ocado & Amazon respectively.

Outside of the office, Souvik enjoys DJing to House, Dubstep & Hip Hop and trying to achieve his dream of eating at every 5* rated restaurant on TripAdvisor.

Favourite Car
Chevrolet Camaro
Holly Niblett
Product Manager

Holly has joined us as a Product Manager for user conversion from her Commercial Manager role at GoCompare.

She’s passionate about rock music, but as her skills only lie in the listening aspect, Holly fills her time with going to as many gigs as possible to tease herself with the thoughts of what could have been.

Favourite Car
Renault Zoe
Brad Shemmel
Video Camera Operator & Editor

Before working at Carwow in the video team, Bradley interned at Pavel Entertainment and worked for Big Guy Productions.

When not playing the guitar and gigging around London, Brad likes to find the time for watching Dragon Ball Z and playing Game Boy Advance.

Favourite Car
Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead
Antonio Lima
Data Analyst

Born in Portugal and raised in sunny Lisbon, Antonio has already lived in 3 countries. He has a love of travel and discovering new cultures, yet despite loving London’s international environment, his favourite city is Rio De Janeiro.

Having a passion for creativity, analytical thinking and technicality, Antonio is a member of carwow’s data team. Some of his hobbies include playing football, drinks with friends, and watching movies/tv series… often a combination of all 3!

Favourite Car
Jaguar E-type
Jake Wallace
Strategic Partnership Manager

Jake has returned to the UK after living in Japan for two years to join our Account Manager team. During his time there he hiked Mt. Fuji twice as well as making it into the Kyoto Newspaper for an international perspective on ramen.

Aside from continuing to learn Japanese, he is into football, photography and very very slowly writing a book.

Favourite Car
Porsche Mission E
Georgios-Achilleas Stachtiaris
Data Analyst

First of all, he goes by Achilleas, and he was born and raised in Athens, Greece. After studying Management with Information Systems at Royal Holloway University in London, Achilles joined carwow as an intern. He soon wowed the data team and became a permanent member. Passionate about computers and their languages, he likes buying used hardware to build computers and then sell or keep them.

Away from computers, he loves playing in the sea, windsurfing and snorkelling. Also eating loads of food, going to the gym, and exploring new places… mostly to eat more food!

Favourite Car
Ford Mustang 1970
Michael Cole
People & Talent Coordinator

Mike abandoned the world of teaching to live in Australia for a year and enjoy that round, yellow, warm thing in the sky he was so unaccustomed to. After developing a severe coffee and Ramen addiction in Melbourne, he returned to join the carwow team. He now splits his time between recruitment and HR in our People team.

Mike enjoys MMA and loves to go surfing or snowboarding whenever possible.

Favourite Car
1970 Dodge Charger
Gabriel Antonie
Senior Designer

After studying Fine Art at university, the digital era of art pushed Gabriel to make creating digital products his main passion, which he now utilises to develop carwow wonders as a Product Designer. He has designed for various industries, platforms and brands, even leaping over the magical world of Augmented Reality!

When not designing he finds himself in difficulty choosing between diving into books, painting or old Japanese movies.

Favourite Car
Tesla Model S
Andrei Dinca
CRM Manager

Originally from Romania, Andrei graduated with a Geography degree and as any Geography graduate would do, started a career in … marketing, where he had the chance to work with brands such as Merlin Entertainments (free Halloween Thorpe Park rides anyone?). Away from work, he is a massive sports fan; playing tennis and football in his spare time.

Andrei and his fiancee recently rescued a cat (that they believe was a dog in his previous life) with so many names no one actually knows what he’s called.

Favourite Car
1970 Dodge Challenger R/T
Roi Driscoll
Front-End Developer

Roi arrived at carwow after working at Makers Academy for the last three years, helping to train future software developer ninjas. He’s now part of the engineering team (who are already ninjas).

When not programming, he’s into Art and Design, playing the bass, watching horror films and reading comics. Alongside all of this, he is also learning Portuguese. Boa!

Favourite Car
Volkswagen Polo
Miguel Roca
IT Services Manager

Miguel is carwow’s resident ping pong pro – having been professional in both Spain and the UK. He likes to say he’s better than Forrest Gump! When not thrashing various people around the table tennis table, Miguel is carwow’s resident IT guru. He is a big fan of all the gadgets and nerdy stuff your brain can imagine.

Spain was the only one country he knew until the age of 23… now he’s addicted to traveling (mostly because of food). Any tips on places where you can eat well, let him know!

Favourite Car
Mahindra CJ500
Karoon Nair
Senior Data Scientist

Having worked in the travel industry for the last five years and most recently at an established company, Karoon was looking to get back to the start-up scene with carwow and jumped on board with the data team.

When not crunching data, he enjoys playing football (and occasionally watching it). He would like to think he loves reading, climbing and learning new languages, but only tries his hand at them twice a year.

Favourite Car
BMW i8
Jon Davies
Senior OEM Manager

John has spent the last seven years at manufacturers and joined carwow from Nissan where he most recently looked after their retail offers and business planning.

Jon is a big fan of sport, has a penchant for words and is trying to achieve a sub 20-minute park run. Often found with his nose in a book, he has also done quite a few escape rooms across Europe but remains hopeless at actually escaping.

Favourite Car
Ferrari F40
Amardeep Rai
Senior Product Designer

Despite hailing from Scotland, Amardeep feels he is a poor excuse for a Scotsman – having never worn a kilt, eaten haggis, or even tried a deep fried mars bar! (His one redeeming quality is that he loves Irn Bru.) Living in London for almost three years he likes to cook, explore the city, and just generally meet-up with friends and family.

Being in the design industry for 10+ years, he has worked on a variety of things, from building university libraries to onboarding flows.
His favourite car is the Ferrari F40, the first toy car that he ever owned!

Favourite Car
Ford Edge Sport
Ian Moroz
Strategic Partnership Manager

Originally from Wolverhampton, Ian was really excited to be moving to London for the first time and get involved with everything it has to offer. When he joined the account management team, he brought his passion for selling cars and customer service from dealership experience.

He loves to travel and recently returned from an amazing trip through America and South America. In his spare time, you will find him either in the pub or on the golf course – still not sure which he is most fond of!

Favourite Car
Volkswagen Camper
Hannah Groombridge
Customer Service Manager

Hannah is Customer Services Manager, and there’s no doubt on what she runs… Coffee – lots of coffee, no such thing as too much coffee – strong, no milk, no sugar – no need to ask, the answer is ALWAYS yes!

In her spare time, when not refurbing old pubs for charity, she “make” things out of pallets. Literally living in the middle of the woods with no TV licence (on purpose) and where broadband is rubbish, Netflix it is.

Favourite Car
Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Marcel Morgan

Marcel is from Jamaica, where it’s summer all year round (yes, really). Over the past six years, he has pursued his passion for working on well designed top-notch Ruby on Rails web applications via remote working. He has now taken the plunge and committed to a new life in London joining carwow’s engineering team.

In his spare time, he enjoys working on DIY projects, playing chess, dominoes, cricket, table tennis and learning to swim.

Favourite Car
The Mean Machine
Luke Williams
Senior Developer

Luke is a polyglot developer with 12 years experience in search advertising, data analytics, extreme sports video sites, edtech and even iOS games once upon a time. Leaving this behind he joined carwow as a developer.

When not at the keyboard, you’ll usually find him playing the guitar, playing rugby for his local club or attempting to conquer a sushi buffet! (A significant factor in any new office location.)

Favourite Car
Volkswagen Beetle
Marie Lejeail
Junior Designer

Originally hailing from Provence in South of France, Marie studied graphic design and psychology which shaped her interest in user experience and product design. Culminating in a design position at carwow she now calls London home.

In her spare time, she loves travelling, reading and trying new coffee shops around London… while attempting to go one day without eating chocolate!

Favourite Car
Ferrari LaFerrari
Tom Lord
Senior Developer

Tom is an experienced software developer who enjoys building creative solutions to complex problems. He now puts this to good use in carwow’s engineering team.

When not at the computer he likes to travel the world, play tennis, go rock climbing and visit comedy clubs. He enjoys a good bake-off, and he also passed his driving test (first time!) aged 17 but has never yet bought a car.

Favourite Car
BMW 140i
Emiliano Mancuso
Senior Developer

Hailing from Argentina, Emiliano flew to the sunny shores of London to join carwow’s tech team.  As a programmer he’s fascinated with Elixir and what it adds to the business.
 enjoys playing Volleyball, programming and ping pong, in that order (and is also a Harry Potter fan).

Favourite Car
Saab 9-3 Turbo-X
Sonya Gierada
Data Scientist

Sonya used to think NYC was the greatest city in the world…until she came to London!
She has loved exploring the UK’s National Parks in hiking boots and hired cars. However, since moving from the land of big roads, bad drivers, and automatics, the DVLA now requires her to take the UK driving exam. Cross your fingers she passes on the first go!

Sonya last worked for a startup that was acquired by a 50,000 person corporation. She joined the carwow Data Science team to recapture the small-company dynamism and spirit she’d been missing!

Favourite Car
TVR Chimaera 450
Stuart Brookes
Key Partnership Manager

Spending the majority of his working career in the Automotive industry, Stuart joined carwow to develop the business in the North East.

Originally from Plymouth (Secret Argyle Supporter – Green Army!) Stuart is now an adopted Geordie living in Durham.
Cars, dogs and hiking are 3 of his favourite things. His goal is to conquer all 214 Wainwright summits in the Lake District. Having only achieved 79 so far, he has a way to walk yet!

Favourite Car
Fiat 500
Ilaria Colasanti
Operations Executive

Originally from Rome in Italy, after graduating in Business Administration and thirsty for new adventure she flew to Australia. Working as a digital marketer in Perth for almost a year, she decided to come back to Europe and experience a different career challenge. Ilaria joined us an intern here in London but couldn’t leave! She now works in our Operations team.
Outside of work, she is a tireless explorer of places, food, and cultures of the world. When she wants to relax, she enjoys listening to her favourite playlists from the 60s, 70s, & 80s.

Favourite Car
1965 Lincoln Continental
Rory White
Reviews Editor

Currently living in Clapham with his wife and their first baby, Rory joined carwow from Haymarket Media where he had been for the last eight years, most of which was spent on the reviews desk at What Car? and Autocar magazines.
He loves everything about cars, particularly the chance to drive and review the UK’s eclectic mix of new models. He also has a penchant for old, tired luxury barges, having owned too many. Other passions include cycling (sorry) and coffee.

Favourite Car
Renault R26
Naz Mehrzad
Digital Marketing Director

After spending time in Retail & then Travel, Naz was excited to be entering the Automotive world. Nurturing a long-standing passion for F1, he enjoys getting out on the track himself and is a (very) amateur go-karter.
Marketing has been a lifelong interest ever since he ran his first company at 16 and turned a whopping profit of £145 in year 1!

Favourite Car
Triumph Spitfire 1972 MK4
Mark Parkin
National Sales Manager

Born and raised in Leicestershire, Mark made a move to Lincolnshire and has been in the motor trade for 18 years. He now works for carwow developing their leasing trade. Alongside work he acts and sings on stage, having just completed his second musical ‘Annie’.

After playing football for 27 years as a local amateur, he now likes golf, tennis, squash, and running. He completed the Yorkshire three peak challenge in 2014 (hard) and had tea with a serving Prime Minister at No 10 Downing Street (harder?)!

Favourite Car
Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato
Philippe Rose
Head of PPC

Philippe joined carwow because he loved the site and wanted even more people to find out about it… but also because he was told there would be dogs in the office. Before going into marketing, he worked in the music industry.

His favourite pastimes are eating, travelling (mainly as an excuse to eat new things) and cycling (mainly as an excuse to eat more things).
He also once went to Eric Clapton’s house for a barbecue!

Crescenzo D'Alterio

Born and bred in sunny Naples, Italy, he now calls London home. Before becoming a developer he worked in the Legal IT sector for a couple of years and when he’s not working he enjoys playing and collecting video games, cycling and bothering his cat, Arya.

Favourite Car
Maserati Quattroporte GTS
Rob Dawson-Goodey
Head of SEO

Rob heads up the Search Engine Optimisation team at Carwow and has set his sights on automotive search domination.
He has 7 years experience in SEO spanning across companies such as Mazda, Volvo, TUI and BT.

Rob loves anything sport and gaming related. A keen golfer, cricketer and skier, he tries and often fails to balance this with MMO’s, RPG’s and Fifa.

He was the first person to represent Great Britain in the World Office Chair Racing Championships finishing 36th out of 50 (it’s the taking part that counts).

Favourite Car
Ferrari 275 GTB
Tim Hesse
Director of Data

Originally from a car town in Germany (Kassel), Tim moved to the UK 20  years ago to pursue parallel paths in making a living from music and studying economics as a backup…with the numbers winning in the end.

Away from work, Tim enjoys cycling through the English countryside, especially the North Downs, and ordinarily being an embarrassing dad taking his boys skateboarding or BMXing while they still need him to drive them there!

Favourite Car
Ferrari California T
Min Kim
Principal Developer

An experienced, hands-on software architect involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of microservices and distributed systems, Min has been in the software industry since 2002.

When he’s not writing code, he can be found walking with his two dogs (Eagle and Birdie) in Waterlow Park or playing golf.

Favourite Car
Fiat Uno (My 1st car)
Iain Reid
Web Editor

Starting his career as a print journalist working for the likes of Cosmopolitan magazine, Iain switched to online journalism for some big motorsport and car websites. Now he gets a kick from seeing content he’s written or commissioned appearing at the top of search results.

He loves drinking bad coffee and good wine and being disappointed by Scottish football.

Favourite Car
VW Beetle
Kate Sims
User Researcher

Kate started carwow as one of our graduate interns, moving from Canada where she spent the year snowboarding and skiing her morning commute. She quickly found the love for UX research and joined us as a full time carow-er. Outside the workplace, she enjoys cycling, photography and eating and drinking in wacky places, especially if a G&T is involved!

Favourite Car
Citroen DS Cabriolet
Charlene Viot
PPC Project Manager

Born in Le Mans, France where they hold the 24 hours race Charlene moved to London and pursued her career optimising campaigns.  She loves to relax with a glass of wine and a platter of cheese and during her spare time can be found trying a new yoga class or brunch place!


Favourite Car
Porsche 911 Targa (964)
Phil Lloyd

Phil is our CMO. He joined from a mobile gaming start-up based in San Francisco USA, having previously been a senior marketer at Paddy Power Betfair. He made the big move down from ‘the North’ to London after uni as a graduate. When he’s not chasing his two young kids around the house, he has a keen interest in vegetarian food, the state of our current politics and the regular trauma of being a Blackburn Rovers fan.

Favourite Car
Triumph TR4
Jennifer Francis
Product Manager

Originally from a sleepy village just outside of Birmingham, Jen moved to London 6 years ago to begin her career in Product and has never looked back! She is super passionate about easy-to-use, problem-solving product and puts the customer at the heart of her decisions.
Outside of the product world, when she’s not exploring somewhere new Jen can be found pottering around North London, hanging out with her cat, hunting down new music and trying to get better at yoga.

Favourite Car
Aston Martin DB5
Vrashabh Irde
Engineering Manager

A programmer turned engineering leader, Vrashabh is passionate about driving teams to solve real-world problems using technology. Hailing from a background with tech startups, including most recently a machine learning team at Amazon up in sunny Edinburgh,  Vrashabh is a programmer turned engineering leader; passionate about driving teams to solve real-world problems using technology. Aside from loving customer experience and great design, Vrashabh loves to travel, read too many books, play guitar (terribly) and is a massive Liverpool FC fan (which he hears isn’t something you should say out loud in London).

Favourite Car
Singer DLS
Mike Harris
CRM Manager

Mike has worked in the automotive industry for over 10 years and spent the last 3 years promoting the first mass-market, all-electric car (Nissan LEAF). Despite leading the ”charge” for electric cars, he’s ultimately a petrolhead and fears the day the V8 engine ceases production. In his spare time, he loves road cycling and has taken part in many challenges, including the famous L’Etape du Tour (riding a stage of the Tour de France 4 days before the pros).

Favourite Car
Aston Martin DBS
Matt Mills
Editorial assistant

From writing news stories to maintaining the website behind-the-scenes, Matt is carwow’s editorial jack of all trades. He landed himself a spot in the London team after graduating university with a not-at-all-useless Film Studies degree and working as a prolific freelance writer.

When he’s not in the office, you can probably find Matt moshing at death metal concerts, dishing out the laughs at local comedy clubs or abseiling down very tall things.