Find the cheapest petrol prices – UK price comparison

March 17, 2022 by

With the rising costs of fuel in the UK people are becoming increasingly aware of the costs involved in running their cars. Also when buying cars, consumers are now considering fuel economy as a significant factor in their decision-making process. Fuel prices form a large part of a vehicle’s running costs, so people are spending more time nowadays shopping around for the best prices.

We often notice how quickly petrol and diesel prices rise at the nearest petrol station due to wholesale market price increases and how slow savings are seemingly passed onto consumers when decreases in wholesale prices occur, something they call the rocket and feather effect.

Keeping track of fuel costs can help you budget for price fluctuations:

Where to find petrol stations with the best prices

Because people feel they are not getting the best deal from the petrol companies there are now price comparison sites available now that will compare petrol prices in your area showing you the nearest petrol stations to your location and which ones.

Which petrol station near me has the lowest prices:

Another way to save some money when filling up is to go to your local supermarkets. They are usually about 3p per litre cheaper than the UK average price.

Compare supermarket prices – including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco petrol prices: – UK Fuel prices by brand.

If you are out and about on the road or in an area you are not familiar with it can be useful to know where to find the nearest petrol station.

Where can I find fuel stations near me?

  • has an interactive map showing filling stations around the UK.
  • has a search function to find petrol stations based on location.
  • allows you to search for petrol stations that use their fuel card.

Petrol Cost Calculators and MPG Calculators

If you run a fleet of cars or a company car, you may need to calculate your fuel consumption costs so you can budget for the year ahead. The following petrol calculators can help:

If you are going on a journey or planning a route and want to know the fuel costs these calculators may help:

  • – Journey fuel pricing petrol calculator.
  • – Journey Mileage Calculator, Route planning and fuel estimates.
  • – Journey fuel costs based on you vehicles MPG calculator.