New Mercedes Concept CLA Class revealed: everything you need to know

September 29, 2023 by

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This is the new Mercedes Concept CLA, and it’s a look ahead to a future entry-level EV from the German brand. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Mercedes concept CLA revealed
  • All-new entry-level electric saloon
  • Retains coupe-esque shape of current CLA
  • Up to 466 miles of range
  • All-new interior technology
  • May go on sale at the end of 2024

The new Mercedes Concept CLA has been revealed, and it’s a new entry-level electric saloon which will take on the Tesla Model 3 when it goes on sale towards the end of 2024.

It previews a raft of new technology which will underpin multiple EVs from Mercedes in the future. This Concept CLA has up to 466 miles of range thanks to some clever new batteries.

New Mercedes Concept CLA design

This new Mercedes Concept CLA looks very different from the CLA you can buy today. It may have a similar coupe shape to the current car, but it looks a whole lot more modern.

In place of an actual grille up front you have an LED panel with a three-pointed star motif, and there’s an LED light bar which wraps around the bonnet and flows into the front wings. The round headlights are made using low-energy LEDs which also have a star shape.

The low-slung side profile is pretty similar to the current Mercedes CLA, only now you have an entirely glass roof. The flush-fitting door handles keep things looking sleek, and this concept car is sitting on 21-inch wheels.

The rear-end design mimics the front, with the round LED lights and another light bar across the boot lid carrying on into the back doors. That massive rear window has something of the Tesla Model 3 about it.

New Mercedes electric saloon spotted testing

A few weeks before the new Mercedes Concept CLA was revealed, carwow’s spy photographers snapped this prototype testing. If you have a look at some of the details, it looks as though this is the Concept CLA in action.

Take a look at the headlights for example. You can see a thin LED strip above the main lamp unit, just like on the concept. The production car may have a slightly toned-down version of the wraparound light on the concept, however it’s impossible to tell for sure.

If you check out the side profile you’ll see even more similarities. This prototype has a pointy nose and swoopy side profile, although you can’t see whether or not it’s retained the massive glass roof.

The rear lights appear to have been carried over as well. They have a similar rounded shape to the concept and it looks as though the three-pointed star motif has been carried over as well.

New Mercedes Concept CLA batteries and range

The new Mercedes CLA Concept will be the first car to use a collection of parts called MMA. It’s got nothing to do with wrestling, in this context MMA stands for Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture.

This technology will underpin four new Mercedes electric cars in the coming years including this CLA coupe, a new shooting brake and two SUVs.

At the heart of the MMA platform there is a new type of battery which uses silicon-oxide. This is more energy dense than traditional batteries, meaning you can get better range from a smaller pack. This new Concept CLA has up to 466 miles of range, almost exactly the same as the flagship Mercedes EQS.

An 800-volt charging system also slashes the time spent plugged in. The Concept CLA can add 248 miles of range in 15 minutes, whereas the current EQS can add 186 miles in the same time.

New Mercedes Concept CLA interior and infotainment

Looking inside the new Mercedes Concept CLA and you can see even more clever technology, with the main focus being on the massive bank of screens.

It has a new variation of the Superscreen system we first saw on the new Mercedes E-Class, and it comprises three separate screens. The driver has a display directly in front of them with all their driver assistance information, there’s a massive central screen for the infotainment and the passenger can stream videos on the third screen which can’t be seen from the driver’s seat.

The materials used inside are also sustainable. Some of the trim is made using recycled paper and the leather is tanned using vegetable extracts. There’s plenty of ambient lighting as well, which can change colours based on your driving mode.

When will the new Mercedes Concept CLA go on sale?

The new Mercedes Concept CLA isn’t quite production ready yet, but you can expect to see the completed car revealed in 2024 with it going on sale towards the end of the year.

There’s no word on price just yet, however expect a figure of around £45,000. That would put it directly in line with the likes of the Tesla Model 3.
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