Citroen’s DS3 – Now Tickled Pink

Andrew Evans
January 09, 2014

Bored of a gloomy January already? Citren’s come up with a way of brightening up your driveway with this new special edition…

What am I looking at?

A pair of new Citren DS3s from thenew, special edition Pink range.

So what’s new?

Most obviously, a garish splash of colour on the roof, door mirrors, wheel centre caps and across the interior.

There’s two choices of trim – DSport and DStyle – and both come in either white or black, with body-colour matched special alloy wheels. Each features mild specification upgrade to the normal points in the range, with DStyle cars receiving an enhanced stereo while DSport cars get a City Signature pack upgrade featuring automatic headlights and rear parking sensors.

What powers it?

Each of the two models comes with two engine choices. The DStyle is available with either the 120hp 1.6 litre petrol or a 90hp 1.6 diesel – rated at 95g/km CO2. The DSport – as the name suggests – has more powerful units, with either a 115hp e-HDi diesel returning 74mpg combined or the fruity 155hp 1.6 THP petrol that can see off a 0-60mph sprint in 7.3s.

How much will it cost me?

The Pink editions start at 15,675 for the DStyle 1.6 petrol in Polar White and run up to 18,570 for the DSport e-HDi in Perla Nera black – the black paint option is, at 475, the only cost option available.

Anything else?

The Pink special edition is only available in the DS3 hatchback and not the cabriolet – so there’s nostriking pink folding roof shenanigans to be had.

Any alternatives?

If it’s small, has three doors and costs around 16k, it’s an alternative – and the field of candidates is vast.

The biggest fish in this particular pond has to be the Ford Fiesta though. It’s not as pretty and you may not be able to specify it with pink bits yet, but the ECOnetic and ST models hit the same bases as the DS3’s eHDi and THP engines, for less money.

In a line?

A (very) bright spot in the winter gloom