New, 815hp DS E-Tense Performance concept revealed

February 09, 2022 by

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Could DS make an electric supercar? This 815hp E-Tense Performance concept suggests it’s not off the table.

  • DS E-Tense Performance revealed
  • Electric supercar concept with Formula E technology
  • 815hp from dual-motor setup
  • 0-60mph in two seconds

This is DS E-Tense Performance — a concept supercar packed with Formula E technology.

It’s powered by dual-electric motors, good for 815hp, and can crack the 0-60mph sprint in two seconds. Don’t expect to see it go on sale, but it should inspire future DS models.

DS E-Tense Performance design

It’s fair to say the DS E-Tense Performance looks nothing like the manufacturer produces at the moment.

This ultra-sleek supercar showcases piercing headlights that look like daggers made entirely from LEDs. These sit on either side of a bumper element containing an illuminated DS logo.

It sits on 21-inch alloy wheels designed to cut through the air efficiently, while looking pretty cool too.

The rear of the car is dominated by a (likely very functional) diffuser, flanked by swoopy taillights leading up to pattered LEDs. It gets a little LED light at the bottom too, which is likely nabbed straight from DS’ Formula E car. Speaking of which…

DS E-Tense Performance motors and performance.

Underneath the DS E-Tense Performance’s skin are the bones of a Formula E car.

Its dual-motor, all-wheel-drive setup uses parts taken directly from the one DS uses for the electric single-seat motorsport category.

The result? 815hp and a claimed 0-60mph of two seconds. Crikey.

Though the E-Tense’s carbon monocoque is unique to the car, it borrows other bits from Formula E — including its regenerative braking system.

DS E-Tense Performance production

Unfortunately, the DS E-Tense Performance won’t be going into production. Rather, it’ll inspire the design of future cars from DS.

Who knows, though. If you make enough song and dance, maybe it could happen…

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