Tesla launches new V4 Supercharger: compatible with all EVs in the UK

August 25, 2023 by

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A new Tesla Supercharger has been launched in the UK, and it’s compatible with all electric cars with a CCS charging port. Read on for all you need to know.

Tesla has just released its V4 Supercharger, and it’s compatible with all electric cars which have CCS charging ports. The first example of this new charging station has just opened at a Tesla Centre in Tottenham, London.

Non-Tesla owners will be able to use this charging station using a contactless payment card on the charging post, or by using the Tesla app. Those who drive Tesla models will continue to get automatic billing through their vehicle.

The first V4 Supercharger has opened in Tottenham

According to Tesla, there are currently over 1,100 Superchargers in the UK spanning 115 locations. More charging spots are due to be built before the end of 2023.

A handful of existing Tesla Superchargers are already open to all electric cars, however the majority remain Tesla-exclusive. The brand has confirmed that several existing locations will be upgraded and the majority of new sites will use the V4 Supercharger, so all EV owners will be able to use them.

The majority of existing V3 Superchargers will continue to be exclusive to Tesla owners

This latest generation of charger will be able to deliver up to 250kW, with the ability to reach higher charging speeds in the future. It’s compatible with any EV which uses a CCS charging port, and it has a three-metre cable so it can reach all around most cars.

Charging at 250kW will allow you to gain approximately 150 miles of range in 10 minutes, depending on the car. Keep in mind though that not all cars are capable of charging at this speed, so you’ll want to check the specs for your make and model.

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