Why you should buy a Black Cab over a normal car

Buying a London Taxi as your personal car has a surprising number of advantages! We take a look at why a black cab could make a very practical family car.

London Taxi, black cab and hackney carriage are all names for one of the most iconic objects that tourists associate with Britain. Theyre a favourite of taxi drivers, so heres why you should consider buying one.

First off is the huge amount of room they have inside. There is space for 6 people to travel comfortably, and every black cab comes with a built in swivel seats, making it easy for your grandma to get in and out! Whats more, they all have ramps, making loading and unloading stuff a doddle.

London Taxi interior

Both drivers and passengers sit high up, so everyone gets a nice high view of the scenery. Theres ample head and leg room in the back and the partition between the driver and the passengers means you dont have to listen to noisy children!

There is all-round visibility for the driver, and the famous tight turning circle makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight spots.

London Taxis are designed to last a very long time, its not rare to find examples that have covered over a million miles. Parts are cheap for them and servicing costs low. The modern versions have bolt on body panels, which are easy and quickly replaceable should you have an accident.

Other running costs shouldn’t be too bad either, insurance is reportedly low and the current model, the TX4, has a quoted fuel economy figure of 35mpg.

London Taxi

You can buy a brand new London Taxi for 28,995, or there are plenty of second-hand ones available, starting from around 3000. For a detailed guide of what its like to run a used London Taxi, check out this excellent blog – MyBlackTaxi

Of course there is one big disadvantage to buying a London Taxi, getting hailed by pedestrians. Its just something youd have to get used to. Though on the flip side, youre far more likely youll be let out of junctions by taxi drivers!

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