Awesome Car Furniture

We’ve collected an assortment of car furniture, the results of which became ever more bizarre the deeper we dug. They may inspire you to ‘recycle’ your precious vintage car, or to use all those old supercar parts that you have lying around. Or they may just make you think people are totally nuts.

Sweet car dreams

car wash bed

For those of you who get excited about the car wash experience, why not relive it every night in a car wash bed. This Mercedes is from a room in the V8 motoring-themed hotel in Stuttgart, Germany.

beetle bed

We’re also fans of this original Beetle bed, from another room in the hotel.

Car Pooling, in a different sense

car pool table

Want to play pool on a 1965 Ford Mustang? Then is your friend. You can actually order one now for the ‘special price’ of only $9,995 in an array of colours.

car hot tub

We thought we’d seen everything until we found this car converted into a hot tub. Utter madness or sheer brilliance?

We run on flower power

car flower pot

Cars as flowerbeds. Another use for a car that we had never considered before now. What a great way to prettify that rusty old banger in your field, and also of increasing the residual value of a nearly new Saab.

flower bed

Vintage Jag bookshelf

vintage Jag bookcase

This could be one way of attempting to convince your other half that having an entire car mounted on the wall is seriously practical.

Comfy car couches

fiat 500 sofa

The Fiat 500 undoubtedly makes the cutest little car sofa, however if you like your cars of the vintage variety, check out the following couches…

porsche 917 sofa
Porsche 917

427 sofa
AC Cobra 427

cadillac sofa
1959 Cadillac in turquoise


I like my coffee extra strong

engine table

These engine coffee tables are definitely not for girls. Good luck getting one of these into the house if you’re not a bachelor!

engine coffee table

We particularly like this converted car bonnet coffee table.

car bonnet table

Car barring

We can’t think of a better way of salvaging your car parts if you’ve written off your car and still have the front or back end intact.

car bar

car bar chevrolet

Just imagine pouring drinks on this pink chevrolet car bar.

Hot hatch desking

Working from your car has never really been an option, until now. This may just encourage some nutters to stay at their desks and stop procrastinating. You could even give it a quick polish at lunchtime.

mini desk

Prefer the Mini…. or the Corvette?

M6 Corvette

Spaghetti CarBonneta

Fire up the oven and serve meals on this Fiat 500.

fiat 500 table

Rear end viewing

porsche TV entertainment hub

There’s no reason the back of a Porsche 911 shouldn’t become your entertainment hub. That way you get to watch two things you like, at once!

Light the way

steering wheel light

Who’d have thought a spare steering wheel made such an interesting and unusual light fixture.

What other uses can you think of for car parts, or even whole cars? Let us know in the comment below.

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