Compare the Market Car Insurance Redesign

Thanks to a certain meerkat character, comparethemarket is probably the UKs most well known comparison site. Theyve launched a redesigned car insurance section, with the aim of making comparing quotes quicker and easier.
Here at carwow were big fans of making things as easy to use as possible. comparethemarket have taken the same approach, with a nice clean layout and easy to use features.
compare the market
Instead of the tiny little check-boxes and horrible styling of most forms, there are big icons to click, attractive drop down boxes and everythings easy on the eye.
There are some nifty features like Help me calculate my annual mileage, so if youre not sure how many miles you normally covers it breaks things down to help you calculate an accurate figure.
Its still a long process to go through to get quotes, but it has to be to get accurate quotes. However, this new site is definitely the nicest to use and loads a lot quicker than others we tested.
compare the market
The quotes returned were easy to compare, its not just the price that was listed but also what other benefits the policy comes with and what optional benefits can be added. All the details are laid out well, and you can shortlist your best quotes and save them to come back later.
Its easy to change your preferences to try and lower the prices too. So for example you can quickly go back and see what difference adding someone else to the policy would make to the price.
meerkat sergei toy
comparethemarket havent yet rolled this new design out to their home, travel or pet insurance parts of the site, but no doubt will be soon.
Of course there is one added bonus to using comparethemarket. If you end up buying your insurance through them then theyll give you a Sergei the meerkat toy for free!

This was a sponsored review.

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