Volkswagen Golf R – colour guide and prices

You’re not going to enjoy your new car if you don’t like the way it looks. The colour you specify for your car can make a massive difference in how it ultimately looks. We’ve listed all the colours you can choose for the Volkswagen Golf R.

Perched at the very top of the Golf range, the R comes with a 296hp 2.0-litre turbo petrol mated to four-wheel drive and your choice of manual or DSG automatic gearboxes. Colours, like many German cars, are limited to the most popular shades.


Tornado red (£0)

The only colour to come as standard on the Golf R – this red is borrowed from the Golf GTI and has a nice glossy quality. It’s neither too light or dark and makes the most of the Golf’s aggressive aero package.

Pure white (£260)

The price of white paint has been soaring recently as it’s come back into fashion. It’s disappointing VW don’t offer this colour as a no-cost option – buyers will already have to spend more money keeping a white car clean.


Lapiz blue (£540)

The colour the Golf R was launched in – and it definitely suits it. This rich shade of blue looks quite dark in the shade but gives off a bright electric-blue sheen when the light hits it. At certain angles it can almost look purple.

Limestone grey (£540)

This is a popular colour across the VW range and has a rich metallic element when the light catches it. Gunmetal grey is a very desirable colour right now so consider this one if you’re concerned about resale values.

Night blue (£540)

Another colour used across the VW range – this shade is much darker than the Lapiz blue and can look almost black in some lights. This is another safe bet for resale values but make sure you spec lots of chrome to set it off.

Reflex silver (£540)

A clean and bright silver. Yet another safe resale colour and very common amongst VWs. It’s very close to the colour used on the Golf R400 concept car – so specify this and claim the extra 100hp!


Deep black (£540)

For some people, cars should only come in black – Henry Ford amongst them. Volkswagen’s deep black paint may be fairly pricey but will be very easy to resell when the time comes. Definitely one for those who like to go under the radar.


Oryx white (£955)

You need to be very sure you want this shade as it’s nearly £1000 on top of the cost of your Golf R. This is more pearlescent than the Pure white colour so has more light and shade depending on how the light catches it.

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