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Audi A7 and RS7 colours guide and prices

The Audi A7 Sportback is an elegant four-door coupe that’s capable of effortlessly racking up motorway miles. In RS7 guise, however, the smart and spacious A7 becomes an executive super-saloon capable of reaching mind-bending speeds with unrivalled ease.

Choosing a colour for your new car may seem daunting but our paint types guide is here to help. It’s worth noting that the colour of a car will not only affect how often it’ll require cleaning, but also how easy it’ll be to sell when the time comes.

There are 19 shades are available on the A7 and RS7, including three solid colours, 10 metallic hues, four pearl effect options and two RS7-exclusive Crystal paints. For a different paint colour you can choose from dozens of special shades in the Audi Exclusive range, costing from £2,155.

All colours are available on both A7 and RS7 models unless otherwise stated. Why not build your perfect Audi A7 or RS7 Sportback using our car configurator and let carwow find you a great deal?

Solid colours

Nardo Grey – £0 (RS7 only)

This is a smoky, charcoal grey that, thanks to its popularity, should be a safe bet when the time comes to sell it on. It’s a flat, non-metallic colour that lends a suitably evil air to the RS7’s aggressive looks. Any colour which leans towards the darker end of the spectrum, such as this, should hide the grime of the road for a decent amount of time.

Brilliant Black – £0 (A7 only)

This glossy black shade should give an ideal finish for executive and fleet vehicles thanks to its very sleek and smart appearance, although some cheaper car washes may leave unsightly marks behind. Additionally, black is one of Britain’s most popular car colours, so any car in this colour should be a breeze to sell on.

Ibis White – £0 (A7 only)

This slightly off-white is a very popular colour and should present no headaches when you’re searching for a buyer. Every speck of dirt will make its presence known on such light paintwork so you should be prepared to wash your car regularly if you want it looking its best.

Metallic colours

Cuveé Silver – £675 (A7 only)

This mid-range, brushed steel silver has a tinge of brown to it, which means it’ll be a rare sight on UK roads. You won’t find many A7s painted in this shade, so it may not be so easy to sell on when the time comes.

Dakota Grey – £675 (A7 only)

This metallic mid-range grey features subtle brown tones, which add character to an otherwise monotone finish. Slightly darker than most greys, this colour should do a convincing job of hiding dirt and grime, and sell with relative ease.

Diamond Beige – £675 (A7 only)

This is a classy, silvery beige, that should give your Audi a distinctive yet tasteful appearance. It may need cleaning more regularly than some alternatives, but a colour this elegant should prove popular with prospective buyers.

Floret Silver – £675

This is a bright silver that ought to change hands briskly when the time comes to sell. It may not hide dirt too well but should look good on the road – there’s a reason why silver is one of the most popular car colours around!

Glacier White – £675

This glossy, slightly silvery white is never going to cause resale headaches, and the metallic flecks in the paint will really make it stand out under bright lights. The obvious snag, however, is that frequent cleaning will be required to keep this shade looking as glamorous as possible.

Havanna Black – £675 (A7 only)

This super-smart black has smokier tones than the non-metallic Brilliant Black option and could make an inspired choice for corporate fleets, with a rich shine under bright lights. Just remember that although darker colours generally hide grime well, black bucks the trend, especially when washed on a budget.

Moonlight Blue – £675 (A7 only)

This dusky, dark navy blue should give your Audi a classy finish, and would be a good option for company cars. Blue, especially a muted shade such as this, should both sell briskly and do a better than average job of hiding dirt between washes.

Mythos Black – £675

This deep, pitch black is perfect if you’re after something particularly smart, and there’ll be no headaches finding a buyer for your Audi – black models typically change hands briskly. Watch out for inferior quality car washes when cleaning your car, though, since they can leave unattractive swirl patterns in their wake.

Oolong Grey – £675 (A7 only)

This intense grey is so dark it’s almost black. It should pose no issues when it comes to sell on, and is a smart choice all round given its ability to conceal grime for a long time. It could be a particularly good choice if you regularly cover many miles.

Tornado Grey – £675 (A7 only)

This medium-to-dark steel grey is a practical choice given how rapidly UK buyers tend to snap up monochrome models. Equally, it should do a better than average job of hiding grubbiness between washes.

Pearl-effect colours

Daytona Grey – £675

This smoky charcoal shade is smart and tasteful, so we don’t foresee any problems when looking for a buyer. Being a pearlescent colour it changes shade as you look at it from different angles. It scores highly with regards to practicality, since it’s dark enough to hide dirt for a decent length of time. Daytona grey is a standard colour on the RS7, but can be upgraded to a matte finish for an eye-watering £5,675.

Garnet Red – £675 (A7 only)

This strong, jewel red is ideal if you want a colourful car with a hint of subtlety. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but red cars still tend to sell well second-hand. In terms of hiding grubbiness, it should do quite well.

Misano Red – £675

More of a postbox-red shade than Garnet Red, Misano is a classic car colour that should do an average job of hiding grime, and it really looks the part on the racy RS7 – and it’s an ideal choice if you don’t want another grey Audi. This colour is offered as a no-cost option on the RS7 too.

Sepang Blue – £675

This bold electric hue may be slightly too bright for some, but it’s nothing if not distinctive. While some prospective buyers could be put off by this bright gas-flame blue, it is a relatively popular colour that should fare well when it comes to hiding dirt. This colour is offered as a no-cost option for RS7 models.

Crystal paint finishes

Prism Silver – £250 (RS7 only)

This high-tech silver should give your RS7 a futuristic look and, since silver models always tend to sell well, there’s no reason why shouldn’t find a buyer quickly. Because it’s a lighter and brighter shade than most, you may find yourself washing your car more regularly.

Panther Black – £250 (RS7 only)

This is another option that will give your Audi a sleek finish which should appeal to future buyers. Unfortunately, this smart jet black will not hide dirt well, and steer clear of cheaper car washes that could leave ugly swirl patterns behind.

Save money on your new Audi

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