Audi RS7 Sportback

A very capable four-wheel-drive super saloon

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  • fast
  • quattro grip
  • fantastic sound
  • ride is firm
  • could be more fun to drive
  • not much else

£86,985 - £93,560 Price range


4 Seats


29 MPG


The Audi RS7 Sportback is a super saloon that has a nice interior and all-weather capabilities thanks to its quattro all-wheel-drive system. The BMW M6 Gran Coupe, the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG and the Porsche Panamera Turbo are close to the RS7 in terms of price and pace.

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The RS7 has a near perfect interior with high-quality materials and stylish design, but some reviewers found the infotainment system a little difficult to operate. Four adults can travel long distances in comfort and the big boot can carry all their luggage.

Different driving modes help tailor the RS7 to the road conditions and the quattro system gives fantastic grip in the wet, but reviewers criticised the car ‘s suspension set-up for being overly firm. The braking force is phenomenal, especially if you specify the optional carbon-ceramic brake disks.

The engine is the real party piece because it moves the heavy saloon with incredible ease. The sound it makes is also very nice, thanks to valves in the exhaust system that can turn a muted purr at low speeds to a full-blown growl at full throttle. Thanks to clever cylinder-on-demand technology the engine is also very fuel efficient and up to Euro 6 standards.

The RS7 Sportback is not cheap and optional extras can almost double its price, but the running costs are reasonable for the amount of power it has.

Audi make some of the best interiors out of any premium car-maker and the RS7 has arguably the best cabin out of any Audi. The quality of the materials and the overall premium atmosphere are unrivalled. RS badges are almost everywhere in the cabin – to help distinguish the RS7 from otherwise almost identical A7 interior.

Audi RS7 interior space

The large, sculpted front seats offer fantastic grip and support, yet still leave decent legroom for the passengers in the back. Electrically adjustable comfort seats can be specified at extra cost for those more interested in long distance comfort rather than cornering g-forces. The swooping roof-line, however, can make taller people in the back seats uncomfortable.

Audi RS7 boot space

With a capacity of 535 litres the boot is larger that the one in a BMW M6 and with the rear seats folded there is a very useful flat floor and a 1,390-litre space.

Aluminium has been used extensively in the RS7 to help keep its weight down, but at 1,995kg it’s hardly light. There is a choice between comfort-focused air suspension or stiffer adaptive dampers with steel springs. They have four modes to choose from – Comfort, Dynamic, Auto and Individual. Adaptive power steering that varies the weight of the steering wheel can be specified for an extra cost.

All of these should make the RS7 incredible to drive, but testers weren’t so impressed. In Comfort mode, the ride borders on the edge of overly firm, but the light steering makes the Sportback very easy to drive. In Dynamic, the RS7 transforms into a rock-hard race car that is very quick in corners, but tiring for the driver. Many testers noted that they were being bounced around broken road surfaces. The best compromise is to stick it in Individual mode, choose Comfort suspension and leave everything else in Dynamic mode.

The engine in the RS7 Sportback is a 4.0-litre V8 that is also used in the RS6. The 516 lb ft of torque are available from as low as 1,750 rpm and peak power of 560hp is achieved at 5,600 rpm meaning the car is very flexible at almost any speed. A 0-62mph time of 3.9 seconds for a car weighing close to two tonnes is a very good example of the unrelenting power of the engine. If you think the governed top speed of 155mph is too slow, Audi can raise it up to 189mph for an extra cost.

It’s not all power, though, because the engine can turn off half of its cylinders to save fuel. When under low load the engine runs as a V4 and can reduce fuel consumption by up to 12%. The change-over is completely unnoticeable according to reviewers and some even achieved close to the advertised mpg figure of 29mpg.

An eight-speed automatic is the only gearbox available. Gears one trough seven are for quick acceleration and eight is for fuel-efficient cruising. In Auto mode, the gearbox always chooses the right gear, but is not as quick as a DSG one.

The RS6, which the RS7 is closely related to, received five stars for safety from Euro NCAP and it’s safe to assume that RS7 is at least as safe.

The quattro four-wheel-drive system comes standard and is very useful on the often slippery UK roads as well as getting you up to the hotel at the ski resort.

The standard safety equipment for a car of this price is understandably excellent with many airbags, stability control that can be completely switched off, ABS and hill-hold assist. For an additional cost you can add adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist as well as night vision. 

The RS7 Sportback comes with a huge list of standard equipment, but start ticking the many options and the price can go into six-figures. The story is similar with other premium rivals – they too have overpriced optional extras. However, a full-equipped RS7 costs close to a Bentley Continental GT which offers more brand prestige.

With the help of clever technology the RS7 can achieve a claimed fuel economy of 29.7mpg and emit 221g/km of CO2 for a £290 annual road tax bill. Those are commendable figures for a car with supercar pace.


The Audi RS7 Sportback is a very capable all-weather, all-season and almost all-purpose performance saloon. It can seat four in comfort and has the ability of covering vast amounts of distances very quickly and with ease. The big boot and excellent interior only add to its appeal.

However, the more expensive you specify it, the closer it gets in terms of price to the more rewarding-to-drive Porsche Panamera Turbo S that is also a more complete package.

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