The most outrageous winter driving videos

The afternoons at work are getting darker and the office heating has just packed in for the umpteenth time. How can anyone expect you to get any work done in conditions like those? And that’s not even taking into account the hangover from the office Christmas party.

Instead, prop your eyelids open, make your browser window as small as possible (we don’t want any snooping bosses to kick you off carwow) and enjoy the best selection of wintry automotive japes on the web. Let’s get slip slidin’ away…

In Mother Russia snow ploughs you

Sick of being pushed to the side every winter, snow decides to get its own back on one of those pesky ploughs. Luring the hapless driver into the car park on the promise of pristine white stuff to bully, it gets its revenge by sneakily covering a mahoosive hole in the ground – inevitably, gravity simply does the rest. Hilarity ensues.

Put your rallying ambitions on ice

Snow isn’t the only evil you’ll face out on the roads – ice can ruin your day, too. These motorists found that out to their cost on this corner in Iceland. Drivers from the Scandinavian regions are often tipped as being the best in the world because they deal with these conditions all the time. These drivers proudly buck that trend.

Meanwhile, in Britain…

There’s such an extensive compendium of fails here it’s difficult to know where to start. Firstly the motorist in question carefully inspects the front wheels of her rear-wheel drive BMW 1 Series to see why they’re not turning. Then, she leaves it in gear while getting out to push – with all-too-predictable results.

Got quattro?

More an advert for Audi’s quattro four-wheel-drive system – this video shows an American road clogged with cars unable to pass the frozen barrier. In comes Mr Audi, casually as you like, pootling down the inside lane like it’s the middle of August. A clear demonstration to our friends across the pond that engineering trumps size every time.

Try not to sleigh children this winter

Try to watch this video without wincing – we couldn’t. No one gets hurt, but we’re not sure what led to this grade-A piece of lunacy – a chronic shortage of pedestrian crossings, Specsavers outlets or common sense seem likely culprits – but it certainly gave the driver the fright of his/her life – the children, however, seem remarkably unfazed by their daredevil mother.


Normal service in Russia resumes all too quickly. This motorist is flying down a road so covered in snow it looks more like Mary Berry’s latest pudding than a road. Then – a wild truck appears! Thankfully our motorist friend channels his inner Mark Higgins and pulls off an incredible dive to avoid a collision. His next stop? The nearest underwear shop.

Gravity strikes again

A theme you may have noticed throughout these videos is that cars and snow don’t mix – it turns out this is the case even when said car isn’t moving. Annoyed by the sniggering parked cars below, the snow on the apartment’s roof decided it’d get its own back – and hit the cars with it. Suffice to say they were crushed.

Don’t annoy your local snow plough driver

Warning: very strong language and rather weak logic

It seems residents in the town where ‘blackdoggxxx’ lives may have gotten on the wrong side of the plough driver. In this bizarre video, Dogg drives his plough around revelling in covering people’s cars and driveways in the white stuff. Dogg is certainly a bit anti-social but at least he’s charismatic.

And finally… McLaren starts F1 testing early

We can’t imagine how anyone thought this was a good idea. Take the Nürburgring – arguably the most dangerous race track in the world, an open-wheel race car, and snow – the least car-friendly weather known to man – the result? Very little of the lap is spent pointing forwards. Top marks to the (clearly very talented) driver.

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