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6 Iconic Car Mashups We Pray Never Exist

Since publishing this article we’ve created some even more horrible car mashups (but with actual Photoshop skills this time). Check out carwow’s 2015 car mashups!

Tired of wasting our time looking at celebrity mashup images like What would Miley Cyrus and Jude Laws baby look like? (Spoiler Alert: Hideous), we decided to waste our time instead doing the same for iconic cars.

Our work answers the age old question: If I mashed a Range Rover into a Lamborghini would it still be beautiful?. Read on to see our abominable creations. Mwahahaha.


Porschiac WW RS

Walter White Car Porsche

In Breaking Bad, Walter White amassed a huge stash of cash by distributing tonnes of illegal substances. If he had accidentally tasted his own supply, maybe hed have splashed some of that money on producing this badboy, a blend of the iconic 911 GT RS and Walters car of choice, the Pontiac Aztek. The result is the Porschiac WW RS.

Walt Jr would approve. For more information, please contact your local Porschiac dealership.



Hummer Mini

In our eyes, the Mini Clubman is a half measure at best, but owning a Hummer suggests you might be dealing with some form of inadequacy. To bridge this gap, Hummer and Mini have teamed up (they definitely have not teamed up) to create the HUMI. A semi between a Hummer and a Mini.


Aston Smartin

Aston Martin Smart Car

Aston Martin may still be reeling from the woeful reception the Cygnet received, but if they want to have another crack at it, they can feel free to take liberal inspiration from the Aston Smartin (with a grill George Foreman would be proud of). You can thank us later guys!



Land Rover Defender MX5

The Land Rover Defender is an institution – a rugged, no-nonsense 4×4 with an interior designed to be washed out with a power hose. Mazdas MX5 is no less beloved, as the worlds best selling sports car.

The obvious conclusion we came to was to let these two get it on, creating a special concept vehicle, the Mazdafenda. A 2 wheel drive, 2 tonne hybrid (the weird half-cat-half-monkey kind, not like a Prius) that excels neither on or off road, but at least would never be referred to as a hairdressers car.



Lamborghini Range Rover

The height of refinement, like surf-and-turf, the Rangerini combines the two most luxurious things on the automotive menu. Incorporating the aggressive styling of a Range Rover and the even more aggressive styling of the Lamborghini Aventador, we have somehow produced the cutest high performance 4×4 on the market (look at its cute wing mirror ears!!).


If these designs inspire some billionaire (come on Gatesy!) to actually create one of these cars then we can only apologise. Let us know what other iconic cars would produce beautiful offspring and well create the most popular suggestions!

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