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The 10 Craziest Motorsports You’ve Never Heard Of

These motorsports prove that as long as it has wheels and an engine, then absolutely anything can be raced, no matter how dangerous or how stupid it may look. 

Lawnmower Racing on Ice

Lawnmower racing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and it’s even transferred over to Finland where they hold a winter tournament every year. The contestants look ridiculous, but it does look like a huge amount of fun! 


Motorcycle Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby is a type of motorsport where the winner is the surviving car. The aim is to crash into and destroy your competitors. A demolition derby in a car is extremely dangerous, on a bike it's near-suicide. That doesn’t stop these racers trying though… 


Hajwalah, also known as Tafheet or Farfarah, is easily the most dangerous and illegal type of racing we’ve ever heard of. It’s apparently popular in Arab countries. The ‘sport’ seems to involve swerving left and right at high speed along busy highway streets, drifting between cars and lorries. 
Excitement can be added by getting your passengers to lean out the windows firing automatic weapons in the air, as seen in this video… 


FIgure of 8 School Bus Racing

This is one of the most insane motor sports we’ve seen. The circuit is a figure of 8 track, meaning that crashes at the intersection and pretty much guaranteed. The sport involves large yellow school buses and the aim is to complete the most laps without either a) crashing, or b) dying. 


Formula Off-Road

Formula off-road doesn’t involve the same kind of speeds as some of these other races, but it’s no less extreme. It features heavily modified cars taking on boulder-fields, mountains and sheer rock faces. Because of the very high risk of overturning, heavily enforced roll cages are a necessity.


Tractor Pulling

The aim of tractor pulling is to tow a very heavy sledge across rough ground. These aren’t normal farm tractors, but modified beasts boasting up to 10,000 bhp engines. The sleds that the tractors pull can weigh as much as 29 tonnes. 
The engines used come from all sorts of places, including military helicopters, tanks and even torpedo boats. Tractor Pulling isn’t a small niche event, there are races held throughout Europe and the US. 


Combine Harvester Demolition Derby

Another demolition derby, this one involving red-neck farmers. If you’ve got a left over combine harvester then you can smash into other hick farmers. Whichever combine is still running at the end wins. 


Minimoto Side-car Racing

Side-car racing itself is pretty crazy, but Minimoto Side-car racing involves those tiny little motorbikes with two fully grown adults racing on them. These little sidecars are quick too, racers can reach 30mph while being just inches from the ground. 


Top Fuel Hydro

Deaths are unfortunately rather common in top fuel hydro races, when you see the video below you’ll realise why. The boats often flip completely or submerse themselves deep into the lake at high speeds. 
Top fuel hydro is essentially drag racing in boats. The boats are ultra-lightweight and can reach up to 260mph during a race. 


Bar-Stool Racing

This is proof that absolutely anything can be raced. It’s as simple as it sounds, fit an engine and four wheels to a standard bar stool and race it. It’s not the most high-speed, but still looks like a laugh!

Know of any others? Tell us in the comments below. 
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